2017 Awards Eligible

Issue 61:  1st Quarter 2017




Issue 63:  3nd Quarter 2017

Flash Fiction

Urgent: Lost Bekip” by Nicole Lungerhausen
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 “Another” by Jon Rollins
“Against the Grain” by Janet K. Nicolson
“Egg Lilies” by Brenda Kalt
“Spiked” by Rich Larson
“Go Outside” by Adam Vine
“The Girl in the Shrine on Mount Osore” by Jordan Taylor


Introduction to Poetry in Issue 63
“the woods in the wind” by Rebecca Buchanan (Asheville, NC)
“rainfall” by Davian Aw (Singapore)
“After” by Megan Branning (Pittsburgh, PA)
“Church of the Apocalypse” by Sharon Fox (Knoxville, TN)
“Rust” by Sarah Shirley (Hamilton, New Zealand)
“Martha X” by Marge Simon (Ocala, FL)
“Hybrid Identities” by Tamara Panici (Waco, TX)
“Garden Planet” by Deborah Davitt (Houston, TX)
“First Landing” Ken Poyner (Norfolk, VA)
“Fantasia” by Vince Gotera (Cedar Falls, IA)

Issue 64:  4th Quarter 2017




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