Abyss & Apex : November-December 2004 : Apex Associate Editor

A guest editorial
Ups, Downs and Loop-de-Loops


I’ve realized something in writing two previous guest editorials for Abyss & Apex. When you only provide an update every other month or so, the information tends to be oddly compressed, transforming the relatively normal daily ups and downs of life into a radical rollercoaster ride from exhilarating triumph to crashing tragedy and crazily, loopily back up again.

Sitting here thinking about what to write for Issue #12 — recalling what’s happened with me personally, with the rest of the staff and with A&A since Issue #11 appeared in early October — gives me a welcome sense of perspective.

I wrote my last guest editorial lying on the couch with the laptop balanced high on my chest as I recuperated from two broken arms — minor fractures I suffered in a freak fall while on a trip to attend my cousin’s wedding. Luckily, the accident happened after the wedding, which was beautiful and sweet and full of love and happiness. I was none of these things while I languished on my couch for three weeks in matching arm braces, but I just kept telling myself “This too shall pass,” and sure enough, it did.

Any regular reader of A&A knows we’ve had our share of technical challenges this year — challenges that have caused the editorial staff a lot of frustration. But I can say with absolute sincerity that the frustration and occasional depression that comes with the semi-pro zine publishing territory is outweighed by the delight of reading the stories we receive. Authors: your talent humbles me and gives me much happiness. I think I speak for our editor-in-chief and the other submissions editors, too.

Readers: I hope you enjoy the outstanding work in this latest issue. Spam attacks and hard drive crashes do pass, temporary blips on the radar, momentary setbacks — minor loops on the rollercoaster ride. The magic and wonder of speculative fiction endures.

—Aleta Daknis, Associate Editor
December 20, 2004


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