Abyss & Apex : Fourth Quarter 2006

 Bar Harbor

George Freek


Between the black sky
and the elm leaves something is missing.
If only I knew what it was.
Still, a change in the weather
will never change my life.

An apple falls like a drunken gymnast,
and the wind howls.
One second trips over the next,
and I stagger towards nothing
like a rock rolling out of a dream:

a dream filled with common shadows,
in a geography of common spaces,
and common stars with ordinary faces,
and blind men and blind women,
dancing blindly, in ordinary places.



George Freek has had recent poems published in Big Tex(t), The Pittsburgh Quarterly, Whimperbang, The Chaffin Journal, Rough Road Review and Mastodon Dentist, and his play, Laws Of Necessity, was published in a recent issue of the Oregon Literary Review

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Art Director Steven Coker, Jr.