Abyss & Apex : Second Quarter 2007 : Pancho’ s Email by Marie Vibbert

Pancho’ s Email

Marie Vibbert


Her inbox swells with him, with capitalization,
and accidentally prescient punctuation,
addictive like his fingers
soaked in nicotine and
passionate boldface, wedged between sliced spam
indifference begins,

aren’t intelligences artificial enough?
or filing the memory when every bit
shivered for Pancho, for real!
Electronic verification now
doting on your unreality habit,
and the filter, a dream catcher, knows how
but decides to let him through.





Marie Vibbert is a computing professional who always felt protocol headers had their own sort of poetry. She works for the Cleveland FES Center, maintaining computers for people who restore function to paralyzed patients.



Poem © 2007 Marie Vibbert. All other content copyright © 2007 ByrenLee Press


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