Abyss & Apex : Fourth Quarter 2008: Clay Companion

Clay Companion

by Kurt Kirchmeier



From plastic and putty he sprang
a golem with stolen joints.
Severed limbs could be found on stained carpet
hidden beneath the bed
a graveyard of old G.I. Joes
Bu this new toy was better by far
for it moved on its own
and stood watch by the
blessed nightlight
that shone against terrible dreams
and allowed for late–night reading
of comics that mentioned a name to be used as a catalyst
a name to awaken a slave made of clay
who in some cases might serve as a friend
for boys with thick glasses and fragile bones
have very few friends indeed.


Kurt Kirchmeier


Story © 2008 Kurt Kirchmeier. All other content copyright © 2008 ByrenLee Press 

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Art Director Steven Coker, Jr.