Fear and Shadows: The Line Between Horror and Dark Fantasy

Fear and Shadows: The Line Between Horror and Dark Fantasy

Characters deal with horrid things: Lois McMaster Bujold puts Miles Vorkosigan’s brother through hell in her novel Mirror Dance. In Crystal Rain Tobias Buckell has “Azteca” warriors sacrifice people to bloodthirsty alien “gods.” C.J. Cherryh subjects a character to sexual abuse in the name of technological immortality, in Cyteen. Joe Haldeman (in “For White Hill”) lets […]

Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry Issue 71

The number of submissions has nearly doubled as well as the number of quality poems received in May. It was difficult to turn away many good poems this July and the forthcoming October issue. However, some poems I simply could not let go, so you will be treated to a larger than normal sampling […]

Introduction to Issue 70 Poetry

We are pleased to publish the following great speculative poems that are also possessed with literary depth. Authors are from all over the country. We open with The Right Hand of Starlight by Gretchen Tessmer (Gouverneur, NY), an ethereal poem to set the tone. It’s followed by Mother of Cacti by Tristan Beiter (Danville, […]

Rejectomancy Revisited

(Editor’s note: This is a reposting, with updated information, about what A&A’s rejection letters mean. Please note that the following haikus are for entertainment purposes only. Sadly, we do not send rejections that contain haikus. )

Burnt manuscriptHas gotten on my hot dogI must eat your words

Petals from heavenWhite envelopes cover me“Thanks but […]

Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry Issue 69

Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry Issue 69

First, I want to recognize the nominees for a couple prestigious awards:

2018 Pushcart Prize

“Shadow Sustenance” by Sara Tantlinger Issue 65: Jan 2018 “To Watch the World Burn” by Jason Marc Harris Issue 66: Apr 2018 “Neuraweb” by Logan Thrasher Collins Issue 67: Jul 2018 “Valentine” […]

Annd… They’re Gone.

I had a lesson driven home rather forcefully this past month. It started with my beloved daughter-in-law Rena making a simple trip to a “doc in the box” for abdominal pain. She was sent to the ER. They discovered aggressive cancer. My son’s and her world were shattered.

Four days later she […]

Introduction to Poetry, Issue 68

Introduction to Poetry, Issue 68

I love when a slate of poems organically work together. This collection of poems—from first time published poets to award winning poets and writers—explore our great expanse: from the outer reaches of galaxies to the inner universe of the heart. Please enjoy the work of these fabulous poets: Katherine Inskip, […]

Requiem for a Self-Published Novel

Because Abyss & Apex does reviews I get paperbacks thrust at me by hopeful authors at conventions. I get books in my mailbox. I get ebooks in the A&A email, in my personal email… in various formats.

I have just finished reading a novel that someone had given me at a con, […]

Twists vs. Reveals

On Plot Twists and Reveals

Most stories do a strip tease, a slow revelation of various plots and sub-plots, motives and betrayals, a hint of where things may be going…and then, perhaps, you get a bit of the unexpected.

The former are reveals; the latter are plot twists.

Reveals are fun! They […]

Celebrating Story

In the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve all had quite enough of winter. Many of us had no choice but to go out into the frozen world to earn a living, when all we wanted to do was curl up in front of a fireplace in a comfortable chair, with a good book.

Now, the robins […]