Introduction to Poetry in Issue 60

Introduction to Poetry in Issue 60

The slate of eight poems begins with a surreal poem, “No Panic” (Justin Holliday/ Central, SC), but changes up to black humor, “Trading Disguise” (Sara Cordova/ Albuquerque, NM), which is Sara’s first publication! “Déjà Voyage” (Catherine Moore/ Nashville, TN), a fanciful fantasy hybrid piece consisting of flash poem sections […]

4Q 2016 Editorial: Selling the Dream

Let me sell you on a dream.

In magazines, some “how-to” books, and on reality TV, readers and viewers often fantasize about doing grandiose things someday, or “living in a place like that”–off the grid or in a castle–or traveling somewhere far distant. The people who are selling these […]

3Q 2016 Editorial


Let’s talk about flash fiction for a while, shall we?

You may not have realized it, but June 15 was National Flash Fiction Day here in the USA.

Flash fiction is very short–usually defined as 1,000 words or less (A&A allows 1,250) but still a complete story, where things change and […]

Introduction to Poetry in Issue 59

Welcome to the July 2016 issue of Abyss & Apex poetry. Many excellent poems have been submitted in May. Of the 150 poems, we are delighted to publish 9 in this issue (and another 9 in the October issue):

“Death of a flower” by Mercedes Webb-Pullman (Kapiti Coast, New Zealand) “Old Wine” by Eric Baron […]

Introduction to Poetry in Issue 58

Introduction to Poetry in Issue 58

Welcome to the spring issue full of remarkable poetry. I did my best to enhance the experience with artwork (some as found, others combined/overlaid in PowerPoint with image effects applied). A few comments on the poetry and artwork are sequentially listed below:

1. “Revolution” by Holy Lyn Walrath (Seabrook, […]

My Favorite Science Fiction Stories

In my library is a small volume titled My Favorite Science Fiction Story edited Martin H. Greenberg (DAW, 1999). Greenberg asked a number of prominent SF writers to name their favorite reads, and it contains tales beloved of Connie Willis, Greg Bear, Lois McMaster Bujold, Arthur C. Clarke, and more. It was […]

January 2016 Poetry Introduction

January 2016 Poetry Introduction

I am delighted to present these poems to kick off the 2016 season. Out of hundreds of submissions, these poems offer something fresh.

The issue opens with Time Clock By Christiaan Sabatelli (Highland, NY) with the evocative line, “No one remembers Death’s employees.” Simon Perchik (East Hampton, NY) continues the theme […]

1Q 2016 Editorial: Miracles on a Shoestring

A&A once was described as doing miracles on a shoestring. That was nice, if a little misplaced.

Many of you may not be aware of what it takes to run an online genre magazine. Most of the things we accomplish are done by volunteers, of course, and a lot of love (free labor) goes […]

Human Wave Science Fiction

Human Wave Science Fiction

“Depressing is the book ending with the protagonist dropping his sword as he dies. Human wave is one sentence more — where someone picks up the sword again and continues on, inspired.” – SJ Chase.

“ Your writing should be entertaining. If you’re writing for the awards and the literary […]

On Acceptances

On Acceptances

First, for an informative but humorous take on rejections, please read my short editorial on the subject of Rejectomancy. Obvious things like lots of spelling or grammatical errors will nix a story, as will sending stories outside of our scheduled reading periods, or sending things we specifically say we do not like […]