“Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry, January 2015” by editor John C. Mannone

Dear Readers,

I am excited to present a mixture of poems from some highly regarded poets. Though I usually don’t present work in alphabetical order (by author), it had worked out that way for this edition. I am always careful to balance the kinds of emotion that might be evoked in a series of poems.


1Q 2015 Editorial: Where are they now?

Abyss & Apex has a deserved reputation for helping to launch writing careers. Where are some of our authors, now?

Here, in alphabetical order, are just a few of the writers that started, at least in part, with us. We knew them when.

Aliette De Bodard is the author of ON A […]

Periodic Table Of Writing Elements, Turkey City Lexicon Edition

The Periodic Table of Writing Elements (PDF)


Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry, October 2014

Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry, October 2014

Please enjoy this ecclectic mix of poems, many of which are tangentially connected to form a loose theme. “Dust of Creation” by Heather M. Browne (CA) and “Supernova Sunday” by Ralph Monday (TN) kick off the selections with a pensive tone and beg questions of metaphysics, of […]

Introduction to Poetry in July 2014 Issue

We are proud to present six fine poets for the July 2014 issue. The opening poem, “Medusa’s Garden: A Vampire’s Lament” (Gina Marie Bernard, Wilton, MN), presents a wonderfully speculative question. Gina Marie wrote, “staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep after catching up on last season’s Becoming Human, I was contemplating the sexual prowess […]

Guest Editorial: To Russia, With Apologies

(A&A Author Jamie Mason needed a signal boost of his apology to various governments. Posting it here was the least we could do. – Ed.)

“IT’S NOT MINE!” Reflections from the cultural echo chamber

by Jamie Mason

Like all catastrophes, it began subtly – wheat flaking at drought’s onset, the Titanic […]

Name Calling

Name Calling

by Celeste Rita Baker

(The author prefers the edited version be considered for any awards or reprints; unedited version below the author bio – Ed.)

Ah wake up every morning at thirteen minutes before three. Imagine. Every foreday morning, de same thing. Heart racing, palms sweating, singing […]

Authentic Voice or Clarity? A Conversation

Wendy Speaks:

Yesterday , while we were working on editing an A&A story containing patois, there was a genre kerfuffle and Twit storm about a Strange Horizons reviewer who complained there was too much dialect in a piece by a person of color. People lambasted the review, because, Racism. In this […]

Our 50th Edition

This issue marks the 50th edition of Abyss & Apex Magazine of Speculative Fiction. We think it’s worth pausing here to note the occasion, and to see where we have been and where we are going.

Just surviving in such a competitive market was an achievement, especially in the early days. Do you have any […]

Introduction to the April 2014 poetry of Abyss & Apex

We are pleased to present another excellent slate of poets for the April 2014 issue of Abyss & Apex. As usual, my style is to arrange poems in an emotional or thematic arc as opposed to alphabetical order by author’s name.

The series starts with a chilling view of the future. “The Slow Gods” by […]