1Q 2013 Editorial, “The Looking Glass” by new Managing Editor Carmelo Rafala

Note: Carmelo Rafala grew up in Connecticut, USA, near Sandy Hook.

The Looking Glass

In any new circumstance there is a moment of reflection . . .

As the new Managing Editor of Abyss and Apex I was going to write about the process […]

Writing About the Next Industrial Revolution

Writing About the Next Industrial Revolution

First it was Star Trek’s communicators, which anyone can see are analogous to cell phones.

I mean, really Jim. Is that thing by Motorola or Samsung?

And look what cell phones did to the telecommunications industry. Then there were those hand held […]

A&A’s Global Community

One of the benefits of being an online magazine, published in English, is that we have a global reach throughout the English- speaking world. Allow me to share a few examples.


Abyss & Apex has international authors.

Aliette DeBodard, whom we have published twice, is an ethnically Vietnamese Frenchwoman who writes in English. […]