4Q 2013 Editorial: Into the Deep Beyond

Into The Deep Beyond

Carmelo Rafala

I have been an avid follower of the Voyager spacecrafts since they were first launched in 1977. It was the middle of a new age of robotic missions to the […]

Editorial: “Story Still Matters” by Carmelo Rafala

Story Still Matters


A Brief Look At Why Summer Blockbuster SF Writers Need To Go Back To Basic Writing 101 Class

by Carmelo Rafala, Managing Editor


When I was a teenager we […]

Satisfying Curiosity Carmelo Rafala

Satisfying Curiosity

Carmelo Rafala

Sometimes things take a surprising turn and fiction starts to look like fact. NASA’s Curiosity rover has made some of the most startling discoveries of any probe to land upon the Red Planet….

Wait, let me back up a minute….

In my youth my passion for science […]

1Q 2013 Editorial, “The Looking Glass” by new Managing Editor Carmelo Rafala

Note: Carmelo Rafala grew up in Connecticut, USA, near Sandy Hook.

The Looking Glass

In any new circumstance there is a moment of reflection . . .

As the new Managing Editor of Abyss and Apex I was going to write about the process […]

Writing About the Next Industrial Revolution

Writing About the Next Industrial Revolution

First it was Star Trek’s communicators, which anyone can see are analogous to cell phones.

I mean, really Jim. Is that thing by Motorola or Samsung?

And look what cell phones did to the telecommunications industry. Then there were those hand held […]

A&A’s Global Community

One of the benefits of being an online magazine, published in English, is that we have a global reach throughout the English- speaking world. Allow me to share a few examples.


Abyss & Apex has international authors.

Aliette DeBodard, whom we have published twice, is an ethnically Vietnamese Frenchwoman who writes in English. […]