Calx in Rime

“Calx in Rime” by M. Keaton


It was snowing when the heroes came from the sky. Erika was returning from the funeral—another funeral—behind her Uncle Torvald, and before the farrier’s wife, whose name she did not know. It was the way of her people: the long procession […]

Ice Monarch

“Ice Monarch”

by Michèle Laframboise

Wings outstretched, I chased my shadow across the barren expanse of artificial ice, a floating desert crossed by a few polar bears and the mobile palaces of the Ice Lords. What was left of me barely registered the cold.

The white bears felt as lost […]

Charity’s Gift

“Charity’s Gift”

by John M. Olsen


Devin Christiansen approached his twin sister Charity’s house. As empaths, they could read the push and pull of emotions in others, although his gift was stronger. They trusted each other completely. He grinned as he strolled up to the doorstep and pushed the […]

Call Me Fang

“Call Me Fang”

by Tom D Wright


Call me Fang; everyone does. It’s not my real name; I left that on the battlefield years ago.

The ideal private detective is one that nobody suspects, which is the same reason DARPA developed me and my kind to begin […]



by Randall Andrews

Grandpa John called the Roadmaster his time machine. When I asked him why, he said it was because it took him back. I assumed he meant in his mind, in his memories. That’s what I get for assuming.

Grandma Clara died […]

The Long Way

“The Long Way”

by William Campbell Powell

Day 1.

Distance travelled: 2 miles

Distance to go: 36,999,998 miles


My plan didn’t get off to a good start. I tried to catch the morning bus, but the driver wouldn’t let me on without a grown-up. So I walked. […]

The Consequential Effects of Practiced Penmanship

“The Consequential Effects of Practiced Penmanship” by Marc A. Criley

Time cracks and uhrbuchs rustle. I look up from a half-penciled illustration. Willy Arnold stands outside my bindery’s one way glass door, stock still. Right side profile of a stone hard face, ashen in the dim light. This is not […]

Middle of Nowhere

“Middle of Nowhere”

by Walter Dinjos

People often squeeze their faces in disgust and tremble in fright whenever the name Boko Haram is mentioned. They put their hands on their heads and cry, “Tufiakwa! Abomination!” over the daily bombing and slitting of throats in the north.

I wonder […]

All and Nothing

“All and Nothing”

by Chadwick Ginther


The last Revener had died, and with him, Valkura’s link to the dead.

Aught crept past the guards and into her uncle’s lodge. Fires burned hot in every corner, for no shadows could be allowed to steal the Revener’s soul before […]



by Cae Hawksmoor

They all want to die for me eventually.

Some spend themselves in an instant, their faces and voices leaving no more of an impression than shallow footprints in ploughed earth. Men like Peter are different. They linger over weeks and […]