by Eden Royce


Doctor Bryant was the premier astrobiologist in the United States and she was crouching in a corner of her lab, cowering from anyone who tried to approach her.

“What the hell?” I asked, aghast at the sight of the professional woman who had […]

Dead Men Walking

“Dead Men Walking”

by Jeremy Szal

It’s not easy to live inside the armor, but between getting my skin peeled away like wet paper by the razorstorms and my bones shredded to chalk, it’s an easy choice. You get used to it after the first two […]



by Ville Meriläinen

Even before she grew a clock over her heart, Alcine was a little different from those around her. While her peers lived in houses where they used every room, she and her mother dwelled in an old villa by the lakeside […]

What Makes the Desert Beautiful

“What Makes the Desert Beautiful”

by John P Carr


The sun was rising somewhere behind Yaran. Even here, in the shadow of his wrecked escape pod, the air was thickening with heat. The temperature would increase, and the shadow protecting him would shrink, as the sun crept […]

What We Found

“What We Found”

by Miranda Suri


My story starts like a bad joke.

A drunk, a runaway, and a rich man walk into a bar. Well, not a bar, but a rusted, run-down gas station in a sea of sand and sepia.

Or maybe it starts more […]

The ADF Project


The AFD Project

by Andrew Jensen


Victor the Observer watched the man in the ridiculous hat apologize. He was at a distance, but his equipment allowed him to hear each word clearly.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into her,” the man repeated. His straw cowboy hat was so […]

The Thrum of the Locust

The Thrum of the Locust

by Axel Hassen Taiari

Swallow an egg and carry a hatchling. Carry a hatchling and spawn a broodling. Spawn a broodling and raise a brood. Raise a brood and expand the hive. Expand the hive and bless us all. I thank […]

The Last Trap

The Last Trap

by Simon Kewin

Swan halted half-way up the wall of the North Tower of Emperor Xanthe’s palace. The wind had picked up for a moment, gusts threatening to pluck her off and hurl her to the distant ground. She dug the spikes of her climbing […]

Kim and the Mantas

Kim and the Mantas

by Barton Paul Levenson


Kim surfaced like a mermaid–upright, bent back slightly, arms at her sides and hands out, as if she stood above the water on a tail. The illusion broke as she dropped back and turned over to swim back to […]

Kaitlin Out of Space

Kaitlin Out of Space

by Krishan Coupland

When I went outside Kaitlin was lying on the lawn, surrounded by a circle of burned grass. I know that was her name because it was etched into her spacesuit: Kaitlin Morris. Almost invisible under all that soot. The sky was […]