Granddaddy’s Mermaid

Granddaddy’s Mermaid

by David Shieh


The rain began just as Bobby stepped onto the gravel drive. The clouds had hung sodden and swollen at the valley’s rim all day, so when it finally fell, it was almost a relief. The bottoms filled with the electric crackle […]

Sweeter than Honey, Clear as a Mountain Spring

Sweeter than Honey, Clear as a Mountain Spring

by Alter S. Reiss


It was a picture-postcard day when the provincial flag went down in Sudbury, and the Ninety Stars went up. First the Maritimes had gone, then the three Quebecs. Then trade agreements came to Ontario, then […]

The Golem-Maker of Buchenwald

The Golem-Maker of Buchenwald

by Douglas J Lane


“We were told you can create a golem.” The man in the suit flicks ash from a thin black cigarette into the ash tray.

Gerstmann turns from the TV behind the bar–Mayor Koch making proclamations about the ongoing city […]


Cheatin’ by J. Kenton Pierce

“If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’ hard enough.”

That’d be our motto, if we was a big, fancy Town like Greenline or Agro 9. We were just a Homestead so we didn’t really have a motto. I still think it’d be a great one, […]

Three Moons of Earth

Three Moons of Earth by Thomas K. Carpenter

The hologram of Earth floated before Dali, hovering above her outstretched hand. Only one moon rotated around the lonely planet. She sighed and glanced regretfully at the two additional moons now hanging in the sky above her. They’d only arrived three months […]

The Galaxy’s Cube

The Galaxy’s Cube by Jeremy Szal


It was another sweltering night in New Bangkok, and Jharkrat wasn’t selling anything.

The crowds were always here. They strode under lanterns and weaved through sluggish traffic, broad streets slick with blood-warm rain. Rusty frying pans hissed with fury as chefs cooked bubbling […]

Insider Art

Insider Art

by Vaughan Stanger

Alerted to Dom’s arrival by the popping sound coming from the wall behind her, Veronica Tierney suppressed a groan while continuing to modify the holo-sculpture with deft strokes of her fingers. That Hue and Cry was at last nearing completion made his intrusion […]

Down by the Riverside

Down by the Riverside

by Rebecca Birch

Mr. and Mrs. Matthews gave me a new mason jar for Christmas. What I really wanted was a dog. My dad had always said that when I was ten he’d get me one, but he’d died when I was eight, and […]



by Jameyanne Fuller

Tavery was late to rehearsal the day after the fire, but only half the orchestra had even come. Too many Harmonies were destroyed when the instrument house burned, and too many people were now grieving. No one was in their seats except Last Clarinet. […]

The Shipwright

“The Shipwright”

by Stephen Kotowych

“So, shipwright, how would you work a man-‘o-war?”

The pirate asking had been addressed as ‘captain’ when Telig was brought into the ship-beast’s low, arched sternum cavity. His broad face, scared and tattooed with swirling, inky blue patterns, looked like an angry sea.