Insider Art

Insider Art

by Vaughan Stanger

Alerted to Dom’s arrival by the popping sound coming from the wall behind her, Veronica Tierney suppressed a groan while continuing to modify the holo-sculpture with deft strokes of her fingers. That Hue and Cry was at last nearing completion made his intrusion […]

Down by the Riverside

Down by the Riverside

by Rebecca Birch

Mr. and Mrs. Matthews gave me a new mason jar for Christmas. What I really wanted was a dog. My dad had always said that when I was ten he’d get me one, but he’d died when I was eight, and […]



by Jameyanne Fuller

Tavery was late to rehearsal the day after the fire, but only half the orchestra had even come. Too many Harmonies were destroyed when the instrument house burned, and too many people were now grieving. No one was in their seats except Last Clarinet. […]

The Shipwright

“The Shipwright”

by Stephen Kotowych

“So, shipwright, how would you work a man-‘o-war?”

The pirate asking had been addressed as ‘captain’ when Telig was brought into the ship-beast’s low, arched sternum cavity. His broad face, scared and tattooed with swirling, inky blue patterns, looked like an angry sea.


Leaping Dragon, Sleeping Eagle

“Leaping Dragon, Sleeping Eagle” by George S. Walker

The boom sounded like Leaping Dragon had hit something.

As Chang watched from Earth, everything in its main mission module jerked, including the six crewmembers. Unsecured objects flew through the air. Alarms shrieked.

“What happened?” demanded Major Peng from the virtual.

“We […]

It’ll All Be Over Soon

It’ll All Be Over Soon by C. Erickson

The wings sprouted as gnarled nubs of bone and nascent feather seeds, scratching and poking their way to the surface of the skin, piercing each subcutaneous layer of flesh like a tender and ruthless plant. Arriving with them was the unrelenting pain […]

With Triumph Home Unto Her House

With Triumph Home Unto Her House

by Barbara Krasnoff

The apartment floor moved.

No, Sara corrected herself numbly, it wasn’t the floor — because the floor wasn’t visible beneath the layers of paper, old takeout boxes, discarded clothing and open garbage bags. It was, instead, the hundreds of […]

In Memoriam

“In Memoriam”

by James Van Pelt

Cemeteries hold stories like butterflies alight on your palm. Every stone a revelation. Every flower laid on the ground, some with nothing left but stems, some as fresh as yesterday, every framed picture faded in the sun, leaning on the stone, or […]

Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes

by Kelsey M. Snyder


I remembered nothing of my life before the Menagerie.

The Menagerie wasn’t its official name. That was engraved upon the sandstone entrance in great block letters–RIKERS ORPHANAGE OF NEW YORK CITY–but no one ever called it that, not even us orphans. […]

Human Trials

Human Trials

by Alec Austin and Marissa Lingen

It was three weeks into the study, and participants were already claiming to see results. Pauline Lin kept warning her patients that it was the early days yet, and that they should be careful not to discuss anything that might […]