The Roots That Roam

“The Roots that Roam”

by Joy Kennedy-O’Neill


The quickened-oaks smash their roots into the ground. They shatter rock as they move, root-step by root-step, miles a day. I once saw an octopus crawling on land, back when the Houston sea walls fell. Tentacle over tentacle, lumbering.

No, […]

Cold Currents

Cold Currents

by M. E. Garber

Otto froze, one hand splayed on the fire brigade’s new gasoline truck. The woman perched outside the bridge railing leveled him a knowing smile.

His stomach curdled. Not like Anna! He stretched his hand towards the unknown woman.

She jumped. Her long […]

The Finder

“The Finder”

by Yaasha Moriah


Aunt Velma was a finder.

I clearly remember the day when Uncle Edgar pulled his fishing boat ashore, his posture strangely stiff even while attempting nonchalance. He slumped into a lawn chair next to Uncle Don, popped the cap off a bottle […]



by Pauline Yates

You sit opposite me—my replica. You mirror how I looked the day I left my husband at the door of this clinic. Your hair is cropped short. You wear my clothes. Your complexion has changed—it’s rejuvenated—but that’s to be expected after a month of […]

What Does a Time Machine Cost?

“What Does a Time Machine Cost?”

by Elliotte Rusty Harold

A few family photographs and her childhood diary were all Dr. Elizabeth Huang had left from her preteen years. The intervening decades had turned the paper in the diary yellow and faded the ink; but the writing was […]



by Sherri Cook Woosley


We remember that Myra and her daughter, Little Jessica, were the first to Break. Myra moved into our neighborhood pregnant, her belly swollen and her face glowing. The couple loved the paved sidewalks and road signs that cautioned Slow! Kids at play. […]

Mrs. Peak and the Dragon

“Mrs. Peak and the Dragon”

by Andrew Willett


The woman with the iron-gray hair smoothed her pink-striped apron and watched the boy walk back and forth before the counter. “Let me know what you want when you decide, sweetie,” she said. He nodded, his pale slender neck […]

Urgent: Lost Bekip

“Urgent: Lost Bekip”

by Nicole Lungerhausen


URGENT: Lost Bekip

Grazint the Round, Sunnyside

Posted 12 hours ago


To my fellow dwellers of the southeastern neighborhoods of San Francisco,

Upon returning from vasagale on Raxat, my family discovered that our beloved bekip escaped the confines of his […]

The Witch & the Gods’ War

The Witch & the Gods’ War

by Stephanie Lorée

Rain pattered the window, and Draya looked up from her basin to watch the sky churn. Her hands washed vegetables automatically, carrots and squash, an eggplant that was nearly rotten, and two tomatoes as small and wrinkled as she.


Angel Maker

Angel Maker

by Katherine Toran


A long, thin creak reverberated through the cold twilight air. Alone on the road, the woman stopped and turned towards the sound. A wooden swing, hanging from a tree branch, moved back and forth—in spite of the lack of breeze.

Stepping off […]