Sticking Together

Sticking Together by Elizabeth Shack

Jake trudged into the miners’ locker room and straightened his aching shoulders. As soon as he’d arrived on the asteroid, Marta’d warned him to not let the Sarks know they were getting him down. They’d built a galactic empire on the backs of the weak, […]

Space Dad!


by Brian Dolton

hey dad mom told me u r going into space! that is so cool she says u r going a long way and will not be able 2 visit me 4 a wile but SPACE!!! How cool is that I will tell all the other kids […]

Welcome Briefing At The Obayashi-Ragan Youth Hostel

Welcome Briefing At The Obayashi-Ragan Youth Hostel

by Fran Wilde

Listen carefully, kids: I’ll tell you things the other hostel folk won’t. Budget carefully. This ride isn’t forever. Don’t be afraid to go it alone.

Sure, you’ll meet someone out here. Most everyone does. Two […]

Have You Seen Lucky?

Have You Seen Lucky? by Nathaniel Williams

Iggy sits next to me, curled in a tight circle, on one of the row of plastic Ikea chairs. The vet’s office smells like lilacs, probably from the spray they use to cover the scent of animal pee. […]


Glitch by Mark Cole

“I can’t type.” the robot explained patiently.

“But that was supposed to be your primary function,” Roger Blevins told it, a thin nervous edge in his voice. “Typing letters for elegant people who want to give them that ‘hand-made’ look.”

“I can’t type.” it […]

To See Sarah

To See Sarah by Jennifer Campbell-Hicks

Angela’s ex had not yet left Earth, but he had left humanity. That’s what she thought as she sipped green tea and stared over the cup’s rim at the strange man on her couch.

“Why are you here?” she asked.

Tom rubbed his scalp. He used to run […]

Daft Old Man

Daft Old Man

by Pam L. Wallace

The old man smelled of honeysuckle and ancient woodlands, and spoke in a querulous singsong. “Chime-child, eh?” He pinned Collum with his rheumy eyes. Collum shrank from crooked fingers grabbing for his homespun shirt.

“Takes one to know one,” the old man […]

Ixtab Takes a Day Off

Ixtab Takes a Day Off

by Jennifer Dornan-Fish

Being the goddess of suicide is a total shit job. I see the threads of fate […]