Harbor Mist

Harbor Mist

by Michael Nethercott


Come closer. Now, this is something I have never before shared. Not with my husband, not with my daughters or grandchildren. Not with anyone. But I think, yes…perhaps this is the time… Perhaps with you…

We left Russia, my mother and us […]

The Squeaky Hamburger

Dateline 1983. T’was the week before Christmas, and in the era before online shopping everyone had been out buying gifts. No one felt like cooking on top of all that shopping, so the restaurants were doing well.

We were on the line in a fast food restaurant, a Jack-in-the-Box. Our eight-month-old son […]

Satellite Technican

Satellite Technician

by Jason Mullins


I really hated this part.

I struggled to stay focused on my drill as it bored into the satellite’s skin but my eyes kept flicking to the lights of the Earth, glowing however many hundreds of miles below me. My head was […]

A Patch of Dirt in Paradise

A Patch of Dirt in Paradise

by Lee Budar-Danoff


“REMEMBER–You, as an American, owe it to yourself, and your family, and your country to know as much as you can about living through a disaster.” Survival For You And Your Family, Honolulu, Hawaii, October 1, 1961.

A Serenade of Strings

“A Serenade of Strings” by K.L. Townsend

They say all it takes is a moment, an instant where time and space intersect in just the right way and at just the right angle, where a person might see the threads that bind the universe together.

Bullshit. All of it. Eric […]

The Giveaway Box

The Giveaway Box by M. E. Garber

Like mushrooms after a rainstorm, the neighborhood sprouts tiny yard sales every summer weekend. Samantha’s never shopped one before, has never even been tempted. What would he think? Would it make him angry? Even now, she can’t stop those from being the first things into her […]

The Probable Tradesman

“The Probable Tradesman” by Gareth D. Jones

The neighbourhood was well-to-do, with detached houses and large cars. Rogerio ducked his head as he walked away from his van, hoping nobody would notice the faded paintwork and interesting selection of dents and scratches. He approached number fourteen and rang the bell.


The Specialist

“The Specialist” by Andrew Kaye

Marisol and I had exchanged nervous glances when a woman announced a “Code Stalker” over the hospital intercom. “That means faerie folk have been spotted in the building,” the post-partum nurse explained. She poked her head out into the hall, then quickly ducked […]

Via Memories

“Via Memories”

by Jeremiah Reinmiller


Dad got sick in the fall.

I worried it was bad when I found out. I was right.

The expected cavalcade of doctors and specialists followed. Treatments upon treatments were tried; prescriptions, one after another, doled out, and abandoned.

My frustration built […]

Space Dad!


by Brian Dolton

hey dad mom told me u r going into space! that is so cool she says u r going a long way and will not be able 2 visit me 4 a wile but SPACE!!! How cool is that I will tell all the other kids […]