The Mummy Matriculates

Noel Sloboda

The Mummy Matriculates

Despite the absence of transcripts and test scores

he is given special permission to enroll, since he can pay

his own way. “Nontraditional” is what they call him

on his letter of admission and it is not as bad as some

of the labels he has borne— Scourge of […]


Kelly Hanwright


The heart is a mystic gypsy in a black turban, center crystal shining hypnotically. Some say it has internalized happenings from the beginning of the world.

The heart is a shape-shifter tricking the minds eye: one way today, but tomorrow the outcome may be beautiful or grotesque.

The heart is a […]

Dread-Sorrow and the Origami Girl

Gretchen Tessmer

Dread-Sorrow and the Origami Girl

dread-sorrow hides beneath the bed, blinking with wide, feline eyes, the black of midnight crushed like pomegranates in a bowl of blood, the silence of twilight lengthens like saltwater taffy to the point of sticky, unruly threads, balled up and thrown into a wastepaper basket, like trash […]

Upon Living One’s Whole Life in the Wilderness

Erin K. Wagner

Upon Living One’s Whole Life in the Wilderness

The modern world that mapped The wilderness with short nubs of pencil Discovered the fable of the primitive family. The Russian family, exiled, read their Bible By the light of whatever could be burned, Perused fragile paper by consumptive flame. Siberia, a phantasmic […]


Logan Thrasher Collins


you clasp a pale blue ellipsoid and wander the Mojave at night gazing up at the neuraweb— a luminous network in the ionosphere.

now press it to your forehead, feel a synchronized wave of nanowires expand past skin, bone, meninges, hear a faint whir as machines assemble inside your head […]

This Sacred Earth

Deborah Davitt

This Sacred Earth

Golden Shovel of “The Wife’s Lament” (ll. 33b-36):

     All my friends dwell in the dirt,      I loved them while they lived,      now guarding their graves,      when I go forth alone      in the darkness of daybreak      under the oak-tree      outside this hollowed earth.

The trees grow through ruins, abandoned, all; […]

The Martian Chronicles The Earth Men

Brittany Hause

The Martian Chronicles The Earth Men

four men from Earth        ungentlemanly               unreasonable

four angry voices        the captain and his crew               lying wildly

the captain like his men        frightful-looking

I have to tell everyone        find someone who’ll listen

the men wear masks        pleasant masks               masks that smile

The men want Mars        They see […]

The Seeders

Linda Claborn Clarke

The Seeders

In the beginning of elliptical existence before the universe was complete,

they sent us out two by two, supreme males and females traveling in egg-shaped crafts across the great unknown:

a blackness, an unexplored bottomless cosmos, which they prepared for millions of eons to transform the barren spheres into […]


Sheikha A.



I tried catching a mirage at forenoon

and realized my timing was off

and slept till after sunrise, sleep

still in my eyes from the night before

I burned in the dark. I had tried

to sharpen my gaze, teach it to cut

like a knife, but all I could […]

Tea Leaves

Hilary Biehl

Tea Leaves


She doesn’t really want to know. She just likes tea.

The heat against her palms, the rising vapor’s flux.

The objects: papered canister, pot, little cups.

The ritual. Each swallow of reflected sky.


But when the cup is drained, and what is left is only dust

in damp […]