Patrick Doerksen



So much noise—like we think to hold up heaven

with pillars of nonsense sound.

Every feast, we gather what silence

we can, press it into wine, hold it up

for the spirits who court our own, for revelries

of revelations in the hallways forever

in rays of sun, or in […]

Cataclysm Days: A Dispatch from the Interior Highlands

Charles Von Nordheim

Cataclysm Days: A Dispatch from the Interior Highlands


Some crisis reports commented on speech emitted by stones and clay and mud

One ignores the terrain when it complains like one ignores falling frogs from thin air

We would have followed this standard practice if left in our old shapes

But […]

Two Androids, Learning to Be Human, Visit the Water Star

Stuart Greenhouse

Two Androids, Learning to Be Human, Visit the Water Star


The capsule hovered over Tolstoj Crater

at just the point of parabolic focus.

The scholar said to her two pupils “See,

there is no regolith, the solar wind

strips all soft matter off the planet’s surface,

ionosphere or no; that’s why,


The Detective, Years After

Chloe N. Clark

The Detective, Years After


Missing women often appear

to me in dreams, always asking


the same questions: why it was her

that I had found instead of them,

why she was the one brought home


alive, fighting

the twisting, a rush

that crept up through her body.



Déjà Voyage

Catherine Moore

Déjà Voyage

I opened the front door to find a mermaid standing on my stoop, her carved body painted an aged teal green like the haint color used on the thresholds of Caribbean cottages. Under the protruding scales on her tail, paint had mottled away and wood grain showed through. […]

Trading Disguise

Sara Cordova

Trading Disguise


We switch places at the edge of town.

The guy gives me his hat and his boots,

and I tell him how to find his way back into the woods,

to the stream and the rock that I like to sleep on,

and where all the best she-bears have […]

No Panic

Justin Holliday

No Panic

I imitate the other copies on the street:

get up, go to the Dollar General for a soft drink, repeat.

They pass by like strangers though I want to say

I know them; their instruments of self-erasure

are the same as mine: a newly sharpened No. 2 […]

Introduction to Poetry in Issue 60

Introduction to Poetry in Issue 60

The slate of eight poems begins with a surreal poem, “No Panic” (Justin Holliday/ Central, SC), but changes up to black humor, “Trading Disguise” (Sara Cordova/ Albuquerque, NM), which is Sara’s first publication! “Déjà Voyage” (Catherine Moore/ Nashville, TN), a fanciful fantasy hybrid piece consisting of flash poem sections […]

Old Wine

Eric Baron

Old Wine

Down came the boy, having rung the bell and done his duty. Now, he permitted the sting in his shoulder to bloom into a red sinuous flower: “Let it hurt. Let yourself feel for once, said the demon. Because they were alone, boy and […]

Introduction to Poetry in Issue 59

Welcome to the July 2016 issue of Abyss & Apex poetry. Many excellent poems have been submitted in May. Of the 150 poems, we are delighted to publish 9 in this issue (and another 9 in the October issue):

“Death of a flower” by Mercedes Webb-Pullman (Kapiti Coast, New Zealand) “Old Wine” by Eric Baron […]