Sheikha A.



I tried catching a mirage at forenoon

and realized my timing was off

and slept till after sunrise, sleep

still in my eyes from the night before

I burned in the dark. I had tried

to sharpen my gaze, teach it to cut

like a knife, but all I could […]

Tea Leaves

Hilary Biehl

Tea Leaves


She doesn’t really want to know. She just likes tea.

The heat against her palms, the rising vapor’s flux.

The objects: papered canister, pot, little cups.

The ritual. Each swallow of reflected sky.


But when the cup is drained, and what is left is only dust

in damp […]

La Belle a la Bête

Brittany Hause

La Belle a la Bête

with apologies to Gertrude Stein

… lui dit: «La Belle, voulez-vous être ma femme?»

Elle fut quelque tems sans répondre:

elle avait peur d’exciter la colère du monstre, en le refusant …

—La […]

Paul Bunyan and the Whirlwind Mountain

Gabriel Ertsgaard

Paul Bunyan and the Whirlwind Mountain

(click on the above link to view the interactive poem)


Gabriel Ertsgaard is an English lecturer at Kean University. His poetry, fiction, and literary criticism have appeared in Enchanted Conversation, Soul-Lit, Contemporary Haibun Online, Haibun Today, Bewildering Stories, Eternal Haunted Summer, Representations of Nature in […]

The Honored

WC Roberts

The Honored

raise high the blade, plunge it down honor to the gods sated only by a child’s heart

lift high this offering; sing solemn supplications

the priest in green feather boa gives the climate change his blessing, harvest of skulls

blood flows along the altar channels, gathering so we drink in […]

Oak, Ash, and Crow

Rebecca Buchanan

Oak, Ash, and Crow

i know that the trees move


i am the last

in the last house

on the last street

in the last city

fallen to oak and ash and thorn


when i look away

they lift their roots

digging furrows deep into earth

exposing burrows


A City Built On Bones

Ann K. Schwader

A City Built On Bones


A city built on bones cannot deny

its origins: the skull racks & the blood,

the ones who perished never knowing why.


Cathedrals painting faith across the sky

arose from altars to some darker god

a city built on bones cannot deny,


but […]


Genevieve DeGuzman



We were meant to be gifts of protection,

created by those who know that’s never the case.


They resented our non-gazes,

marked the first of us for obsolescence.


That line never having known true human speech

did not know to cry out a curse


but we did. […]

To Watch the World Burn

Jason Marc Harris

To Watch the World Burn


We all decided to watch:

Whether gazing at our glittering screens

Or staring while gathered upon the wide grassy field

Where tents had sprung up like overnight crops of toadstools,

Huddling our masses in the shade of billowing folds of canvas,

Drooping down and breathing […]

The Song of Unknown Night

Hongri Yuan (Chinese)

(translated into English by Yuanbing Zhang)

The Song of Unknown Night


I believe that black stones spawn the honey of the heaven

And death brings us the Golden Dawn

The earth is our other body

While the oceans are initially sweet and serene eyes

My every tear is […]