Life As a Starship NAV System

Noel Sloboda

Life As a Starship Nav System

Left too long in sleep mode,

an electrical spike untangles carefully-ruled grids

laid over my inherited memories

of everyplace I will have been and for one moment I float

beyond my metal shell

catch a glimpse of the incandescent green trail of a sungrazer

headed straight for [...]

A Brief Suspension of History #32 amd #33

Darren C. Demaree

A Brief Suspension of All History #32

Unknotting, my hobo heart, functioning like an engine, beautiful,

no longer in need of pills, it still carries a whiff of cheap wine, of women

& their rattled stances. Nervous moments, always nervous around myself,

I imagined drowning in my own air would be less [...]


Sylvia Ashby

Origins for my mother

Amidst the fiery stars—souvenirs of the old explosion— is there a murmur of music, a trailing whisper, a silken ribbon of melody? Not the persistent rhythmic hum— that microwave remnant of ancient cosmic trauma— but something that speaks of moments less spectacular:

Muted summer moments, twilight moods, moods frail [...]

“These fences”

Simon Perchik

* These fences, half done, half still counting the afternoons that return alone and those

with no way out –the dead must like it here, come by bring the family, lawns, let you

get to know the neighbor’s birthdays, what they remember –this colony has built its city

on staves broken off as sunlight that looks away though the gate is open, [...]

Slow Gods

 David Barber

The Slow Gods

A brief tumult of gravity, particles, star birth, rashes of supernovae, life, swollen suns and galaxies smashed. In the beginning was the Age of Stars. As biologicals gauge time, by the orbits of worlds, the fuss was over in just twenty billion years. During the next [...]

Everything Old Becomes New

 Everything Old Becomes New 

byJane Yolen

Everything old becomes new before it dies.

Chrysalis, a moment before the butterfly

stretches those limp and limpid wings,

exchanges breath with its quaking prisoner.

The egg about to [...]

Intro to Poetry 1Q2014

It is appropriate to begin a new year with a New Year’s poem. Jane Yolen treats us to this holiday bonus feature, “Everything Old Becomes New.” The selection of the next six poems is an eclectic mix. “Metal Lark” by Chloe N. Clark is a symbolic and surreal poem with deft use of language. “Daughters [...]

At Emily Dickinson’s House, 2003

At Emily Dickinson’s House, 2003

by Austin Wallace


Just down the street she hid—and wrote—

Transcribing fevered Dreams—

One syllable—then two—became

The turbulence of Storms


I find her house marked on the map—

From here—five minutes south—

Outside a polar Wind takes aim—

Inflicts pain—with each—Breath


The [...]

Space like Hands

Space like Hands

by Chloe N. Clark


you know they found a chupacabra

not far from where I live


and the body, because it was only

a body lost of life not living still,


made the newspapers, at least

the local ones with the letters


to [...]

Our Lady of Wrinkles

Our Lady of Wrinkles

by Noel Sloboda

Her bony forefinger

lends texture to masks of whom we become

tracing each passing moment.

She lingers longest

around the bright eyes of those lost

in embraces or despair

caressing the corners of mouths

no longer hiding teeth.


Noel Sloboda is the author [...]