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Music fails when the window goes down— he’s coming up the steps and you can’t see his bitter youth, time machine to years ago. Over and over, I listened to you.

Words unnecessary in the decades held together with duct tape and polish. Go back to the glue, the beginning, eyes meeting—see the spark [...]

Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

by Maura Lydon

It is silent. But I can hear the ticking of the clock in front of me. Ancient thing. Who would want

that awful sound circling their ears? It echoes, sickeningly, into the mirrored silence. The walls reflect back my paleness,

a rebuke to my anger. I’ve not been angry [...]



by Yilin Wang

No need for painkillers: we have found a faster way to induce anesthesia.

We build shrines to cyber gods in exchange for the power to keyboard our destiny.

Copy clones in RPGs and chat rooms, press buttons to pause and reboot, forgetting that flesh bleeds and bones break so easily.

Exchange [...]



by Corey Klinzing I am horrified of these two hands and the mechanism that beats under my sternum. I wished for empathy. It is true what they say: be careful. This is a terrible compassion, it wants me to break everything before beginning, to run from the collapse of possibilities. There is no such [...]

Medusa’s Garden: A Vampire’s Lament

Medusa’s Garden: A Vampire’s Lament

by Gina Marie Bernard

I picture you in a dream (Or you fancy that I’m watching you) beautifully balanced beneath the sliver of a silver moon as thin and sharp as the edge of your nails. Your fingers trail through rings of hair: recoiling, writhing above the alabaster pulse [...]

Introduction to Poetry in July 2014 Issue

We are proud to present six fine poets for the July 2014 issue. The opening poem, “Medusa’s Garden: A Vampire’s Lament” (Gina Marie Bernard, Wilton, MN), presents a wonderfully speculative question. Gina Marie wrote, “staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep after catching up on last season’s Becoming Human, I was contemplating the sexual prowess [...]

Life As a Starship NAV System

Noel Sloboda

Life As a Starship Nav System

Left too long in sleep mode,

an electrical spike untangles carefully-ruled grids

laid over my inherited memories

of everyplace I will have been and for one moment I float

beyond my metal shell

catch a glimpse of the incandescent green trail of a sungrazer

headed straight for [...]

A Brief Suspension of History #32 amd #33

Darren C. Demaree

A Brief Suspension of All History #32

Unknotting, my hobo heart, functioning like an engine, beautiful,

no longer in need of pills, it still carries a whiff of cheap wine, of women

& their rattled stances. Nervous moments, always nervous around myself,

I imagined drowning in my own air would be less [...]


Sylvia Ashby

Origins for my mother

Amidst the fiery stars—souvenirs of the old explosion— is there a murmur of music, a trailing whisper, a silken ribbon of melody? Not the persistent rhythmic hum— that microwave remnant of ancient cosmic trauma— but something that speaks of moments less spectacular:

Muted summer moments, twilight moods, moods frail [...]