Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry, October 2014

Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry, October 2014

Please enjoy this ecclectic mix of poems, many of which are tangentially connected to form a loose theme. “Dust of Creation” by Heather M. Browne (CA) and “Supernova Sunday” by Ralph Monday (TN) kick off the selections with a pensive tone and beg questions of metaphysics, of [...]

“Pareidolia” by Kristin E. Anderson


The old taupe pathway branches off into the canary grasses – and fog. A silver wood pitch – the old barn roof – looms in the field. A person trap, or home for owls.

There is no map of this place who knows how far – or what way – it is between islands. [...]

“Rehabilitation” by Joshua Gage


Joshua Gage is an ornery curmudgeon from Cleveland. His first full-length collection, Breaths, is available from VanZeno Press. Intrinsic Night, a collaborative project he wrote with J. E. Stanley, was published by Sam’s Dot Publishing. His most recent collection, Inhuman: Haiku from the Zombie Apocalypse, is available on Poet’s Haven Press. [...]

“Elegia Nam Homines” by Lynette Mejía


When you are done with this place, come and gone like the dinosaurs before you,

we’ll sit around eating cereal from your boxes, smoking your cigars, toasting to your waste.

We’ll remember you forever in our cockroach brains, how you worked so hard

to wipe us off the map, how you hated us almost [...]

“The Next Generation” by Vanessa Kittle

Vanessa Kittle The Next Generation

Fingernail clippings fall as rain from a blasted sky – crawling across old newspapers like roaches.

He moves close to her, tells her to take off her shirt, says he can’t believe how perfect her skin looks.

The backseat is a bench with stains on the fabric and streaks running [...]

“At that age when we girls become fairies” by E. Kristin Anderson


Fifteen is before the wings come—no, that’s wrong. At fifteen we’ve begun to feel the nubs of bone pushing at the muscle, the skin of our backs. These bones aren’t right. We itch until the skin burns red. Beg our mothers for a salve— anything to make it how it was.

Fifteen is feet [...]

“Supernova Sunday” by Ralph Monday


How strange to think that the death of a star exploding as a silent ghost in an abandoned house gave rise some unfathomable time later to these Sunday musings.

I am a space orphan not knowing what gas-composed mother or father grunted me out like a fat movie in an extinct drive-in. Images and [...]

“Dust of Creation” by Heather M. Browne


Heather M. Browne is a faith-based psychotherapist and recently emerged poet, published in the Orange Room, Boston Literary Review, Page & Spine, Eunoia Review, Poetry Quarterly, The Poetry Bus, Red Fez, The Muse, An International Journal of Poetry, Deep Water Literary Journal, Electric Windmill, Maelstrom, Mad Swirl, [...]



Star_Formation-(Link to PDF File)


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Music fails when the window goes down— he’s coming up the steps and you can’t see his bitter youth, time machine to years ago. Over and over, I listened to you.

Words unnecessary in the decades held together with duct tape and polish. Go back to the glue, the beginning, eyes meeting—see the spark [...]