On All My Planets at Once  

John Grey


On All My Planets at Once


A hand clutching a poison apple.

A skeletal tree.

Chilly, fructose-scented air.

A dragon’s tail and unicorn horn.

A sea of steam—the ripples rise.

Wildflowers waving in congress.

Castles sketched as a child,

now assembled in the mist,

giant turrets, circled by brown […]

The Patron Saint of Lost Causes

Chris Castro-Rappl


The Patron Saint of Lost Causes

Saint Jude watches a fly

crawling upside down on the ceiling

of his apartment in the warehouse district

on the flickering outskirts of heaven.


If he stands, he will be backlit

by his window, a wasting shadow

against the nimbus city.

So […]


Simon Perchik




Could be this mop shimmering

the way bottom stones are soothed

by streams smelling from volcanoes


and wood, though the floor

is burning your feet with moonlight

–could just as easily be this pail


circling for hidden leaks and seashells

scented with water, and the room

that […]




Shannon Connor Winward



Such secrets in your lust unearthed My skeleton made new beneath your hand Your discovery is my rebirth

I shiver away a blanket of dirt In your strong arms I yearn to stand These secrets with your touch unearthed

Years of winter and stillness disperse My tomb […]

thistles & weeds

Gretchen Tessmer


thistles & weeds

honeybees buzz and hum through lavender fields, making mischief from nothing while I dig deep for roots and other gnarled, twisted things

maid of spades and three-forked trowels seeking out old spells that I know haunt the bottom of these mucked and muddied weed beds, where

all my […]

The Kumiho Cooks Pajeon

Kelsey Dean


The Kumiho Cooks Pajeon


He expects me to know how to

fold plump stalks of green onion

into batter and light the fire, to cut

those milky-white cloves that sting

my nose, make me yelp, bare

my teeth. If I sink to all fours now,

I’ll be flame-colored frenzy

desperate […]

The Child, or the Tiger?


Thomas Locicero


The Child, or the Tiger?


It was the silence that made the strange fog

More menacing, and then it was broken.

A distant, then a not-so-distant, dog,

Then the first words—curse words—I heard spoken.

Collar tags, a chain, a frightening yelp.

Determined not to move, I held my breath




Alison Mcbain




sitting in the window,

she watches sun storms—

bluebottles suiciding valiantly

against their reflections


that night,

she sups from acorn caps

holds a grain of corn in two hands

gets drunk from a thimble


when put in a pocket

she fears the idle hand

the abyss […]

Circling the Moon

Jane Yolen

Circling the Moon


while sea gulls circle the moon

—Wendy Howe



Gulls circling the moon,

pull tides around their wings,

warm themselves in these colder times.


They will not drown in that Mare,

but where shall they feed?

There are no fish golden with crust.


Beaks […]

On the Express


Josh Pearce

On the Express

There you go flying down

a one-way track

in an iron corset

all done up in the back

with steel-rail stitching

that pinches you into an arrow

dynamic figurehead.


Coal sparks in your eyes.

Your hair streaming behind you like smoke

and at night the […]