Shadow Sustenance

Sara Tantlinger

Shadow Sustenance   I collect shadows in jars             like fireflies twinkling little nights   clinking against the glass splattering black smudges of ink against the bottle’s curves   I peel back the shadow’s skin             reveal hidden starlight, glittering novae and galaxies veiled beneath frantic wings             like swallowed clandestine moments of the universe’s […]


Hester J. Rook


The silence is soft a velveteen stillness. She is studded with iolite and stainless steel laid out neat from crown to sole arms folded across her waist. Gleaming silvered and ensorcelled I cannot tell if she is even breathing.

Her sheets are crushed red, staining her skin and her hair […]


Ken Poyner


There are but two types: Those that, when shut down, Stare at the floor; and those that, When shut down, Stare at the ceiling. The joints in the neck Lose tension, and the head, Where so many of the preprocessor Systems come untethere Being so heavily shielded For the protection of […]

Demon Villanelle

Joshua Gage

Demon Villanelle

Some hours I believe that there’s no reason to be scared. With daylight it appears my torments are no more than dreams but at night, it seems the demons are already there.

When clouds are dappled by the sun, and birdsong fills the air perfumed with breezes both restorative and […]


F.J. Bergmann


the moon’s pale hair hung to the ground from a midnight window as we climbed the black tower of sleep


F.J. Bergmann edits poetry for Mobius: The Journal of Social Change ( and imagines tragedies on or near exoplanets. Work appears irregularly in Analog, Asimov’s, Polu Texni, Pulp Literature, Silver […]

The Last Transport

Frank Coffmann

The Last Transport        Gliese 667 Cc / GYH [Gliese Year of Habitation] 7309.91

No ship had come since 4082. An old man now, he knew no more would come. For many years, he’d wondered what he’d do When his time came—on his, now loneliest, home.

Only the few and hardy had survived […]

spatial arrangement

David F. Shultz

spatial arrangement   shadow of grass solar photon’s terminus one AU 

broiling rock field darkens to frozen wasteland annual sunset 

the morning star the evening star yellow fog on venus* 

whole galaxies pouring through glass telescope 

on cratered surface signs of interstellar life— stumbling in dust 

the sound dry wind scraping red […]

Distant Deaths of Galaxies

Ann K. Schwader


Distant Deaths of Galaxies


The distant deaths of galaxies

disturb the surface of our sleep,

disclosing cataclysms deep

& yet familiar. All of these

sad spirals with their energies

stripped off by darkness warn us: keep

what’s sacred secret. Safe. No cheap

diversions, shadow dives to ease

the pangs […]

On All My Planets at Once  

John Grey


On All My Planets at Once


A hand clutching a poison apple.

A skeletal tree.

Chilly, fructose-scented air.

A dragon’s tail and unicorn horn.

A sea of steam—the ripples rise.

Wildflowers waving in congress.

Castles sketched as a child,

now assembled in the mist,

giant turrets, circled by brown […]

The Patron Saint of Lost Causes

Chris Castro-Rappl


The Patron Saint of Lost Causes

Saint Jude watches a fly

crawling upside down on the ceiling

of his apartment in the warehouse district

on the flickering outskirts of heaven.


If he stands, he will be backlit

by his window, a wasting shadow

against the nimbus city.

So […]