“The Lift Equation” by Alicia Cole

“ProSEDS was…designed to utilize the tether-generated current to provide limited spacecraft power. It is intended that this information will be of use for future tether mission and experiment designers.” – NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center

Three Scifaiku by Simon Kewin

cold aphelion ten billion miles from home dead starship drifting

luminous beings their touch flickering rainbows fill your mind with light

stargate opening a jump to heaven or hell but no one knows which


The Wanderer’s Chalice

The Wanderer’s Chalice

by Darrell Lindsey

Stranded in a dimension

faintly similar to Earth,

he follows skulls of clouds

through ragged skies,

wanders endless miles

with fire on his back

& a sword in his psyche

for those alien marauders.

Prone […]

The Neighbors

The Neighbors

by Pat Tompkins

she: temperamental

as only beauty can be

out from dusk to dawn

glowing steadily unlike

flashy celebrity stars

he: iron-oxide

coloring blood-red dust storms

more bark than bite with

dry canyons, dead volcanoes

lacking water, having […]

Introduction to Time Travel Theory

Introduction to Time Travel Theory

by Jeannine Hall Gailey

Whether by string or tesseract, we humans interact with time

poorly – always a ghost instance waiting to disintegrate,

a missed opportunity for world peace or saving a parent

behind the scenes. Rips in the continuum, that’s what […]



by Darrell Lindsey

beside me

on the basement step

a hologram

with the password

to the king’s lair


The Scholar’s Off-World Girlfriend

The Scholar’s Off-World Girlfriend

by Marge Simon

He kept his hands in his pockets when

they met, as if she might be contagious.

They walked a way, stopping at the bridge

to watch the fish perform a shadowy ballet.

Over coffee, he told her she had […]

Human Help Desk

Human Help Desk

by Larry Hodges

My human is my friend. He is […]

In The Cool of the Day

In The Cool of the Day

by A.G. Carpenter


The sun has barely crawled above the tree tops and already the house is cooking, humid and smelling of too many generations of tomcat. Miriam and Gran have scrubbed every inch of […]

Luminous Fish Scanalyze My Name

Luminous Fish Scanalyze My Name

by Paul Di Filippo and Damien Broderick

From: The Beadle Monger

To: Local Secundus

Subject: Brane Breakthrough

Let’s get this effort on the road. The team has been futzing about […]