The Data Runners Above Our Heads: A Documentary

The Data Runners Above Our Heads: A Documentary

The Artist, Deeply, Brushes

The Artist, Deeply, Brushes

by Ken Altabef

Was that a pair of legs protruding […]

The Singularity Whales

The Singularity Whales

by Timothy Mudie

There were always boats on the Charles—crew skulls, sailboats, duckboats showing around tourists—but the barge-like ferry carrying Renee and a couple hundred other commuters across […]

“Socorro” by Samantha L. Knapp


by Samantha L. Knapp

I’m online playing a game when the news goes out. We all stop when we hear it, except the sniper on the other team, who shoots my teammate. He doesn’t notice for almost forty seconds, given how long it takes him to curse.

Terran missiles have […]

The Steam Wolves Hunt Steven L. Peck

“The Steam Wolves Hunt” by Steven L. Peck

She blew out the red tallow candle as we listened to the sound of the wind in the rigging while our eyes adjusted to moonlight and shadows as the airship rose creaking and groaning toward the scattered clouds that we would follow in silence to wherever the […]

Raspberry Pudding MK Hutchins

Raspberry Pudding

by M.K. Hutchins

Ever since they burned the calculus out of my brain, I’ve gotten into pudding: lemon, chocolate, coconut. I leaned against the rail, watching the alien ocean wash under us — a mix of pistachio and blueberry. It reminded me of home, but I didn’t […]

Pulling Pictures Andy Dudak

“Pulling Pictures”

by Andy Dudak

In its traveling configuration, the ancient peephole theater resembles a two-wheeled rickshaw–but with the cabinet-like peephole box where the passenger seat should be–and that is how the old raree showman pulls it: his mummified hands grip poles extending from either side of the chassis, his sunken […]

The Coldest Room in the House Lon Prater

“The Coldest Room in the House”

by Lon Prater

She’d tried to leave him in a blizzard once, hoping the wind and snow would fill in her footsteps the same way her own creeping indifference had filled in the holes that years of frustration had gnawed into her heart. It was […]

Spider Without a Web Daryl Nash

“Spider Without a Web”

by Daryl Nash

Umbilicus cut with the World, Syr was little better than a human. Her unaided eyes could make out nothing but vague shapes in the dim light. She uncurled from the padded couch on which she had grown to adulthood and stretched […]

Bird in a Cage Leena Likitalo

“Bird in a Cage”

by Leena Likitalo

“You sent for me,” Escamillo said, beaming with the natural charm that always helped him out of the various kinds of troubles he managed to get himself into. Though, this time he wasn’t that sure what he’d done.

“I did? Oh yes,” Professor Alehandro said, […]