“Remorse and the Pariah” by Michael J. DeLuca

Polyphemos, blind Sicilian shepherd prince of carnivores, intentness in his empty eye, clambered to the high cliffs, barking his shins against boulders, bloodying his nose on trees, to pull down the tallest, straightest pines and strip them into beams. He painted them with fired pitch, with sinew lashed them side by side, and for a […]

dominant gene

dominant gene by LeRoy Gorman

triceratops & pterosaur ribs & wings fine dining for the discerning time traveler that’s what the sign said where I met the vegan Cro-Magnon temptress I gave up my meat-eating ways went back with her to a cave in the hills of southern France & we had offspring a little […]

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

lapis, I said, and felt the stone dissolve warm on my tongue. you, too, tasted.

here is where birds understand the purpose of their wings, and the rose learns the art of unfolding itself, you said, and we gave our blue tongues to each other.

here is where the center of earth is, […]

Lovely Moon

Lovely Moon by Dennis Loranger

Sometimes, on rare clear nights, I see lights shining within its darker limb. I hear those lights are cities, peopled by creatures like us. Perhaps. Maybe those super-terrestrials—inhabiting splendid arcologies in the remade air of the moon—once resembled earthlings, although I think not anymore; because, on those rare clear nights, […]

Acrimony Grout

Acrimony Grout

Jay Caselberg

. . . had a well-developed sense of his place in the cosmos. From his magnificent tick-tock spire overlooking the city he would scan the surrounds, peering out from his narrow slit-window and occasionally reach up to pat down the lank remaining strands of his buttercup-tinged hair […]

The Shadow Artist

The Shadow Artist

by Ruth Nestvold

It was a good day for casting shadows.

The Shadow Artist bent slowly in the late afternoon light, stretching one arm high, fingers spread wide, and twisting the other arm just right, so the shadow cast along Seward Avenue became a snake climbing up […]

Grampy Cybercop

Grampy Cybercop

J. P. Boyd

As dawn neared, Hugh Ransom was dreaming of walking along the beach at Grand Traverse Bay, hand-in-hand with his fiancée. He had been a nervous, anxious, fiercely ambitious graduate student seventy years earlier. What did she see in him? But Sarah was his fixed point, invariant […]

Your Clone Knows What You Know

Your Clone Knows What You Know by Robert Frazier

Everything until the very moment of her creation that is

she knows your childhood secrets your moments of triumph sure

but also the quiet hot afternoons when you sailed to that tiny island

and gathered whelk shells and driftglass while the oystercatchers keened overhead

and the […]



by Crystal Koo


Two weeks before her birthday, my wife Erde told me an old flame of hers from Earth was coming over for a visit.

“The one who asked you to marry him before you came to Aigh?” I asked. I had just come back from work, the […]

“Rigel’s light …”

“Rigel’s light . . .”

Rigel’s light both wave and particle dreaming sea salt

— Melissa Frederick


Melissa Frederick is a PhD candidate at Temple University. Her poetry and prose have appeared in numerous publications, including Mythic Delirium, Star*Line, Astropoetica, Crab Orchard Review, Philadelphia Stories, and Mid-American Review, and is forthcoming in Strange Horizons. […]