Review: The Vessel of Ra

The Vessel of Ra (Klaereon Scroll, Book 1)

by  Catherine Schaff-Stump

The book, set in the 1800s, starts with a nice young man, Carlo, a hidden descendant of the Italian renaissance’s famed evil Borgia family, rescuing Lucy Klaereon who tries to drown herself in a Venice canal rather than allow herself to […]

Review: Dreaming Death

by J. Kathleen Cheney

When I first opened up this ebook I didn’t realize that it was written in the same world as Cheney’s trilogy that started with Oathbreaker, a series that I loved. Once I realized that this was in the same world I got really excited. I loved that series. And […]

Review: Challenge Accepted

Edited by Stephanie Barr

I’m not just an editor; I’m also an author who has an invisible disability, a dyslexia when typing that is so severe that the only way I could become a writer is if I had dictation software, because something is not wired right between my brain and my fingers. […]

Review: Swords, Sorcery, & Self-Rescuing Damsels

Swords, Sorcery and Self-Rescuing Damsels

Edited by Lee French and Sarah Craft (Clockwork Dragon)

How could I resist looking at a volume with a title like this one? The collection stays pretty true to its theme, showing a range of different styles and talents.

The first story, “The Falconer’s Apprentice” by Jodi […]

Review: The Sparrow in Hiding

The Sparrow in Hiding

by J. Kathleen Cheney

This is a great little book. It says something about Cheney’s skill as a writer that I chose to something new of hers when I was very upset about something in real life, so I was looking for a […]

Review: Southern Bound

Southern Bound (Max Porter Mysteries 1)

by Stuart Jaffe


You just know it’s going to be a paranormal mystery by the fedora-wearing gumshoe/detective with the glowing eyes on the cover.

Max Porter and his wife Sandra have left a dismal economy and unemployment in Michigan for a […]

Review: Divinity & the Python

Divinity & the Python

by Bonnie Randall


Understand, Tarot is not my thing; in fact, it’s against my religion. It’s therefore astounding that I simply could not put Divinity & the Python down.

I will admit that the Tarot is a wonderful device for foreshadowing, misdirection, theme, […]

Review: Camelot 13

Camelot 13: Celebrating the Spirit of Arthur and His Knights

edited by John L. French and Patrick Thomas

(Padwolf Publishing)


The anthology starts with “The Night’s Tale” by Michael A. Black and Dave Case, which is an untold adventure of Lancelot and the Knights […]

Review: Lady Changeling by Ken Altabef

Lady Changeling (Changelings, Book 1)

Ken Altabef

Cat’s Cradle Press


Lady Changeling is a solid, enjoyable book that kept my interest. Set in the 1700s, in England, the lady of a manor has a secret. Theodora loves the lord of the Manor, her husband Lord […]

Walking Through Fire

Walking Through Fire by Sherri Cook Woosley (Talos Press)

Rachel, a newly separated mother with her son—a ten-year-old, barely-recovered leukemia patient—are thrust into a new world when a series of insanely strong storms not only bring back ancient gods, but also wipe out most of humanity. Rachel is a typical […]