3Q 2014 Small Press Book Reviews

EXODUS 2022 by Kenneth G. Bennett (Booktrope)

Wow. As appalling and wide in its scope as Blood Music, new writer Kenneth G. Bennett spins a tale of mercenaries and ecology, life and death, love and sacrifice, fate and karma. You’ll be listening to the music of the spheres for days [...]

2Q 2014 Small Press Book Reviews

Sorcerers in Space

by Larry Hodges (Class Act Books)

If you think puns are the lowest form of humor, move along, nothing to see here. But if you think puns are awesome are you ever in for a treat when you read Sorcerers in Space. [...]

1Q2014 Book Reviews

Old Souls and the Grammar of Their Wanderings

by Berrien C. Henderson (Papaveria Press)

I’ve been waiting to read this retelling of Arthurian Legends, Old South style. Henderson needn’t have worried; it is not the love child of Jeff Foxworthy and Malory. It’s lyrical, and the [...]

3Q 2013 Book Reviews

Flow (Double Dragon Publishing) by Lindsey Duncan

Veteran A&A author Lindsey Duncan has a book out, and we were excited to read it. Flow is a fantasy about inherited magical abilities, faerie-being manifestations, and being royally pissed at someone else choosing your destiny based on things that happened [...]

2Q 2013 Small Press Book Reviews

Abyss & Apex 2Q 2013 Small Press Book Reviews

Darkspire Reaches

by C.N. Lesley (Kristell Ink)

Despite the cover this is not yet another book about magic and dragons. It is about a young woman’s journey of self-discovery. On par with the lowly Wart of Arthurian legend, fifteen-year-old Raven starts out [...]

1Q 2013 Small Press Book Reviews

Near+Far by Cat Rambo.

Welcome to the dark and realistic future worlds of veteran science fiction writer Cat Rambo. Two of the stories in this double collection were originally published in Abyss & Apex so when it came out we asked to look at it. We were not disappointed. Buy this and you’ll [...]

July 2012 Small Press Book Reviews

The Chosen

by Jay Hartlove

(Damnation Books)

Okay, this I was not expecting. Chosen by Jay Hartlove is sort of black-Jason-Bourne-meets-Egyptian-Voodoo mashup. It chronicles an ancient rivalry between the chief magician of the Pharaoh mentioned in Exodus and his replacement when Pharaoh’s magician was shown to be a traitor for [...]

The Book of Unholy Mischief

by Elle Newmark (Atria Books)

A friend touted The Book of Unholy Mischief as a fantasy, based on her expectations and the cover. The setting was 14th century Venice, which I had just been hearing about and looking at pictures of via David Levine’s recent vacation there. Sounded interesting! The main character was [...]

2Q 2012 Small Press Book Reivews


by P.J. Druce

Gryffynperch Books

Marooned is a tightly-plotted dystopian future science fiction fantasy about a girl who fights . . . oh wait, you’re thinking The Hunger Games, right? Not quite. Alyssa Jordan, a.k.a. “Punk” is a vicious cage-match sort of street fighter. She [...]

1Q 2012 Small Press Book Reviews


Edited by Alma Alexander

Dark Quest Books

It says much that is good about both Alma Alexander and Dark Quest books that they were able to assemble such an impressive stable of writers for this anthology. This is an occasionally uneven but fascinating compilation of [...]