King’s Gambit review

King’s Gambit

by Mark Nelson (Hadley Rille Books)

In The Poets of Pevana, Mark Nelson introduced us to his world’s odd theology, where the gods speak through and bless poets and the principal goddess’ tears are both solace and weapons of fate. King’s Gambit is the second book […]

Another Girl, Another Planet review

Another Girl, Another Planet

by Lou Antonelli (Word Fire Press)

Good Lord, Lou Antonelli did something I thought was impossible. He made me like an alternative history story, and usually I hate those.

The story starts and ends with three aluminum crosses under a Martian sky. In between […]

Chalice of Shadows review

Chalice of Shadows

by CN. Lesley (Kristell Ink)


This is the third book in C.N. Lesley’s Shadow series. The previous books in the series —Shadow Over Avalon, and Sword in Shadows–have ranked well on Amazon (especially in the UK) in the combination of Science Fiction and Arthurian […]

Fragment review

fragment: a novel

by Craig Russell (Thistledown Press)


Oh, I simply LOVED this book!

One caveat, a word of warning: it’s a head-hopping book, with multiple points of view, so if that’s something you’re not fond of you’ve been warned. That being said…wow.

This is a well-researched […]

Oathbreaker review

Oathbreaker (The Horn Book 1)

by J. Kathleen Cheney

When Amal, also known as Lady Horn, and her guards find an intruder, he seems harmless enough. Lost, even. She takes him under her wing and as we follow his acceptance into their society readers learn that this is not exactly […]

Angel Keep

Angel Keep (Where Angels Die, Book 1)

Bondwine Books

by Tom Simon

Angel Keep is the dynamite opening to a fast-paced, unforgettable fantasy serial. I had trouble slowing down my reading to review it because the story just kept sucking me into that world. The […]

The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin

The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin

(Wisecraft Publishing)

by Jagi Lamplighter

You know, a lot of books are touted as “the next Harry Potter,” but this one actually is, and it’s not derivative.

Rachel Griffin is the youngest of her siblings to attend the Roanoke […]

The Faerie of Central Park

The Faerie of Central Park


by Bruce Graw

The Faerie of Central Park is a light urban fantasy, a gentle romance and a clash of assumptions. It opens with the one remaining genius loci of Central Park, Tilly, caring for the nature […]

Left-Hand Gods

Left-Hand Gods

(Hadley Rille Books)

by Jamie Lackey

The story opens with Beth, using a drop of her blood to do magic in secret, calling on the Left-Hand Gods. She’s spent her whole life hiding from being executed because of magic in her […]



(Norilana Books)

by Vera Nazarian

Dear GOD what a wonderful book. It’s a Young Adult story, but don’t let that stop you. And it’s first in a series so you can look forward to reading all of the books in the Atlantis Grail series.

The setup: […]