The Worker Prince

The Worker Prince (WordFire Press) by Brian Thomas Schmidt

It’s a rare treat to find a book I unabashedly recommend to any parent, elementary school library or middle school librarian. This book has everything a young person could want in the way of great male and female characters they can […]

A Single Light

A Single Light (Odyssey Books)

by Patricia Leslie

Okay, I’m a sucker for detective stories, plucky journalists who doggedly pursue a story, medical thrillers, or something new in the paranormal field. A Single Light is all of these, and the new factor is ghouls who live […]

Ice Magic, Fire Magic

Ice Magic, Fire Magic (Hadley Rille) by Shauna Roberts

Ice Magic, Fire Magic sucked me right in with a unique magical system, and kept surprising me with reversals and twists. Some of it was predictable, but even then the manner of the foretold events unfolding was unusual.

Fila, the […]

Decision Points

Decision Points(WordFire Press) Edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

I’m always a fan of stories that ask, “How would people handle having this new technology, this magical power, this situation? Decision Points asks all of those questions. And it has characters who are usually children or young adults making the hard choices.

The anthology […]

The Shiva Syndrome

The Shiva Syndrome by Alan Joshua (Burst Books)

If you think of this book as the literary equivalent of a first-person shooter game you’d be close. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. (Add a star if you’re a fan of classic DOOM.)

The setup: The American military comes to […]

Temporally Out of Order

Temporally Out of Order

Edited by Joshua Palmatier & Patricia Bray (Zombies Need Brains LLC)

This is a themed short story collection about Time travel, but it’s all inadvertent time travel. That makes this collection unique, in my opinion. As is our custom, we will touch on […]

Three Great Lies

Three Great Lies

by Vanessa MacLellan (Hadley Rille)

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed Three Great Lies by Vanessa MacLellan . It felt like a visit to a real place–a real, vibrant culture–with real people that I won’t soon forget and will want to revisit again […]

After the Ruin

After the Ruin

by Harriet Goodchild (Hadley Rille)

After the Ruin is a retelling of the classic boy-meets-girl story. The background for this particular romance is the high fantasy kingdom of Felluria where the immortal (beautiful/tragic) Marwy Ninek rules. Her one-true-love, Assiolo, arrives on her […]

Ghosts of the Forgotten Empire

Ghosts of Forgotten Empires Vol 1

by Michael J Foy (Telemachus Press).

Right off the bat, the prelude says the millennially ancient warbot that lost power may not have made it to its destination but “other planet-killers made it.” Then why the hell is the world repopulated? […]

4Q 2015 Small Press Book Reviews

The Black Trillium by Simon McNeil (Brain Lag)

Imagine a post apocalyptic world where swashbuckling meets a good Kung Fu movie meets I Am Legend, in Canada.

I hesitate to call this book Sword and Sorcery since the “magic” is more of the kind you’d find in a martial […]