Response to Poe’s “Sonnet – To Science”

Response to Poe’s “Sonnet – To Science”
by Scott Nickell

But what’s so dull about reality?

To me it’s sad to think that—so you say—

Your summer dream beneath the tamarind tree

Is by mere breaths of Science blown away

So easily.  If Science has expelled

Diana,  naiad,  elfin spirits old,

Still,  are not deeper mysteries upheld

And multitudes of poems left untold?

Reviled Science has wonders of her own:

Mitochondria,  dilated time,

All chemists synthesizing acetone

Shape,  in crucibles,  new paradigms.

And chaos,  amid shifting Eigenstates

And strange attractors, transubstantiates.


Scott Nickell writes poetry and fiction in Watertown,  Wisconsin.  Working as a software quality engineer in Madison,  he spends his free time at home with his fiancée,  four rabbits,  two rats,  two parrots and a cat.  His prose has appeared in the anthology,  Werewolves edited by Martin Greenberg,  and in Pyramid Online Magazine.  This is his first published poem.

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