2012 Awards Eligible Stories and Poems

Issue 41: 1st Quarter 2012



A Time to Weep by Daniel Huddleston

Land of Fire and Ashes by Colin P. Davies

Her Long Hair Shining by Simon Kewin

A Demon of Almansol by Alter S. Reiss

Flash Fiction

The Clockwork Swan by Emily Graham


Entertaining Egrets in Limbo

Humboldt Squid

Leda’s Daughter

Thesaurus (Not a Prehistoric Animal)



Issue 42: 2nd Quarter 2012


“Aurum” by Genevieve Valentine

“Sea Glass” by Jennifer Mason-Black

“Burst Mode” by Patrick Lundrigan

“She’s Ultraviolet” by Jay Caselberg

“Stone Eater” by Brent Knowles


Flash Fiction

“RE: The Dark One, In Case It Should Arise from Its Horrible Abyss” by Luc Reid



“Event Horizon” by Wade German

“Her Tongue Thinks of Plagiarizing Itself” by Nandini Dhar

“Dico, King of Hat Tricks” by Linda D. Addison

“How Strange the Starship’s Shudder” by Michael R. Fosburg

“Artist Stranded on the Left Bank” by Bruce Boston

“untitled” by semi

“Galatea” by Mary A. Turzillo


Issue 43:  3rd Quarter 2012




“In Dust and Feathers” by Emi Makanry

“Crazy” by Sarah A. Drew

“Bodhisattva Breath” by Laura Lee McArdle

“The Last Love of the Infinity Age” by Peter Darbyshire

“The Anubis Plague” by Gary Cuba

Flash Fiction

“The Agreement” by Mari Ness



“In the Mythic Wood” by Sandra Kasturi

“At the Dinosaur Rodeo” by Robert Borski

“Solarized” by Wade German

“New Worlds” by Alexandra Seidel

“B53 Elegy (Amarillo, TX 10/25/11)” by Ann K. Schwader

“Astronauts Anciently Out of Eden” by Howard V. Hendrix

 “Lessons from Swimming” by Lida Broadhurst



Issue 44:  4th Quarter 2012



“Viewed” by N. E. Chenier

“Dancing Day” by Lindsey Duncan

“Hoarding” By John Glass

“Rose Petals, Lavender and Glitter” by Sheila Crosby

“Lace Downstairs” by Arkady Martine

“They Shall Falter Against the Stone I Become” by Berrien Henderson


Flash Fiction

“Every Body Is More Than Human” by Andrew S. Taylor



“Hearts of old gods” by Peycho Kanev

“tiny atrocities”  by Tina Connolly

“Letting Go” by Lyn C.A. Gardner

“They Wait” by Marge Simon

“lakelights” by Anton Frost

“Divine Invasion” by Wade German

“Evolutionary Biology” by Alicia Cole

“Resurrection Man”  by Christa A. Bergerson

“And now unto my calling … ” by Brendan Constantine



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