2021 Awards Eligible

Issue 77:  1st Quarter 2021


“Hellhound, Housebroken” by Gerri Leen
“Melton’s Jam” by A.W. Marshall
“Three Hundred and Sixty-Four Hand-Tied Knots” by R. Y. Brockway
“The Golden Rays of the Morning Sun” by Marc A. Criley
“Control State” by Michael Stevens
“Tell Me Half a Story” by Jennifer Lee Rossman


“Introduction to Poetry, Issue 77 (includes the poem ‘Space Mission’)” by John C. Mannone)
“After the Singularity, the Programmer Goes for a Walk” by Stephanie Yue Duhem
“Web Breaker” by Lisa Creech Bledsoe
“Apnea” by Oliver Smith
“Blue Planet, 1990” by Elizabeth J. Coleman
“Nykken” by Nikoline Kaiser
“The Wound Beautiful” by Elizabeth Kirkpatrick-Vrenios
“One day, they say I will fly. But not today” by Babo Kamel
“The Beasts Are Gods” by RK Rugg
“Tweetstorm” by Louis B. Rosenberg

Issue 78:  2nd Quarter 2021

“Birds of a Feather” Wendy S. Delmater 

“Malum in Se” by Deborah L. Davitt
“Feathers, Sea, Silk, Sky” by Anna Martino
“Cascade” by Simon Brown
“Installing Linux on a Dead Badger” by Lucy Snyder
“Dowsing for Devils in Arkansas” by Tom Pawlowski

“Entries From My Grandmother’s Diary Pertaining To My Father’s Early Inflammation” by Marc A. Criley and Hazel L. Criley
“Ablution” by by anne m. gibson

Introduction to A&A Poetry, Issue 78 by John C. Mannone

“The Fisherwoman and the Queen of Gulls” by Devin Miller
”In Which One Partakes in Their Own Disappearance on the Eve of Halloween” by S. Blackthorn Riddle
“At Last, Clarity” by Sara Backer
“Orc” by Anna Cates
“He saw” by Katharyn Howd Machan
“Grimm Brothers Ltd.” by Cathrin Hagey
“Red Waking” ´by Ann K. Schwader
“Cassiopeia” by Louis Faber
“Song of the Fisherman’s Wife” by Joshua Gage

Lost Signals edited by Charles E. Gannon
18 Wheels of Science Fiction edited by Eric Miller
Slice of Entropy by Lawrence M. Shoen



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Art Director: Bonnie Brunish