Training the Next Generation of Storytellers

Coming soon to a convention (hopefully) near you! My Writing the Entertaining Story workshop. I love helping authors to get across the story in their heads, to connect with  audiences and readers. It’s an extension of what we do here at Abyss & Apex.

Because we’re alphabetically first when science fiction and fantasy writers are looking for a market, we get a lot of new writers. So we’ve made a positive out of a necessity: our mission is to find and nurture new talent. If the bones of a tale are good, we’ll work with the author on rewrites until it’s perfect (very rare nowadays in the prêt à porter publishing world). As a result, a consistent twenty-five percent of our stories are either our authors’ first sale and/or their first publication.

So of course when I saw a pattern of the same newbie mistakes being made over and over again in short stories submitted and the novels I was asked to review, I had to write a book to combat those mistakes. And, logically, I had to base an in-person workshop on that book at SF & F conventions with a writing bent. Here it is:

All those years of experience boiled down into this volume, and further distilled into a workshop (just done at FantaSci and hopefully at Atomacon May 5-7) because I live to do this. To help new writers. To nurture new talent. That’s what we’re all about here at A&A.

Wendy S. Delmater, Editor

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  1. Cate Covert says:

    Hi Wendy,

    I enjoyed reading your book, Writing The Entertaining Story! I refer to it frequently. How fun it would be to watch you teach it in a workshop! I would certainly go if I had the opportunity.

    Cate Covert

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