Abyss & Apex: September/November 2003: The Circumstances of His Disappearance

The Circumstances of His Disappearance

Mikal Trimm

He runs beneath the river’s crust
And struggles for the frozen sky,
His fingers, in instinctive spasms,
Turning blindly toward the light,
His tortured breath imprisoned in
The caverns of his lungs, while children
Seal his fate with monograms;

Their jubilant calligraphies
Are etched across the limits of
His vision, as the skeletons
Of rain escape their catacombs
And hurl their frail remains against
The cold, unyielding surface of
His blue and silent tomb.

Mikal Trimm writes poems, stories, songs, and the occasional blackmail letter. His poetry has been seen (or will be seen) in Star*Line, Snow Monkey, NFG, Andromeda Spaceways, and other publications. He is also an editor for the online magazine Ideomancer.com.

Poem © 2003 Mikal Trimm. All other content copyright © 2003 Abyss & Apex 


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Art Director: Bonnie Brunish

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