Abyss and Apex:2005

Issue #13: January-February 2005

•   Triskaidekaphobia by Editor

•   Variables by Matthew Cheney
•   The Barrow Man by Lisa Batya Feld
•   Pan de Oro by J. Stern
•   Erin and the Dinosaurs by Jon Hansen

•   words fail by Eric Marin
•   Untitled scifaiku by Tim Jamieson
•   & I imagine the end of the world by Peter Roberts




Issue #14: 2nd Quarter (April) 2005

•   A Change Will Do You Good by Aleta Daknis, Associate Editor

•   Next by Patrick Samphire
•   The Station With No Name by Justin Stanchfield
•   Flensing Detritus by Steve Vernon
•   Mother’s Condition: A Caustic Experiment by Laura Cooper
•   What They Wanted by M.K. Hobson

•   Kingdom of Dust & Steel by Yoon Ha Lee
•   in the by Peter Roberts
•   a plan by Eric Marin



Issue #15: 3rd Quarter 2005

•   An Embarrassment of Riches by Aleta Daknis, Associate Editor

•   Long Man by E.N. Wilson
•   Museum Beetles by Simon Kewin
•   The Many Faces of Lisa Adorn by Matthew Kressel
•   Coming Home by Deborah Fitchett
•   Custody by Jennifer Rachel Baumer
•   The Frozen People by Danny Adams

•   untitled scifaiku by Tim Jamieson
•   Tour Of Duty by Deborah P. Kolodji
•   untitled scifaiku by Deborah P. Kolodji
•   Prayer Causes Stars by Greg Beatty
•   Welcome To WorldCon by Greg Beatty
•   The Wizard And The Sorceress by Christopher Vera




Issue #16: 4th Quarter 2005

•   Forces of Nature by Aleta Daknis, Associate Editor

•   The Dream of Rain by Constance Cooper
•   Sumo21 by Daniel Braum

Zeno’s Duet
•   Introduction by Wendy S. Delmater
•   Zeno’s Last Paradox by Tony Pi
•   The Relativity Prison by Igor Teper

•   American Gothic by Douglas W. Clark
•   The Difference Between Fiction and Life by Bruce Holland Rogers

•   The Man Who Held Infinity by Mikal Trimm
•   untitled scifaiku by Mark Gilbert
•   Black Holes Hold Their Breath by Mike Allen
•   Family One by Mark Gilbert
•   The Wizard Gets A Haircut by Jon Hansen
•   Gingerbread by Constance Cooper
•   Greening by Jennifer Crow
•   Sequences In The Evolution of Form by Jennifer Crow
•   Internal Waves by David C. Kopaska-Merkel
•   Dear Yourself by Yoon Ha Lee
•   Walking Through The Village At Twilight by Robin Pommier


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Art Director: Bonnie Brunish