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Wendys Thumbnail 2015 Wendy S. Delmater: Editor and Publisher

Twitter: @Abyss_Apex , personal twitter @safewrite

Tonya 2015 cropped sm Tonya Liburd: Senior Editor

Twitter:- @somesillywowzer

Blog:- http://www.Spiderlilly.com

  Sarah Dix: Fiction Editor
Jennifer Dawson: Flash Fiction Editor
 John Mannone sketch  John Mannone: Poetry Editor
Tom Simon thumbnail Tom Simon: Editor-at-Large
Wendy Wendy Delmater: Acting Science Fiction Editor
 Elizabeth Hull Elizabeth Hull, Flash Fiction Assistant Editor (writes as C. N. Lesley http://cnlesley.com/)
kate oconnor Kate O’Connor: Senior Assistant Fiction Editor


joanna Joanna Nelius: Senior Assistant Fiction Editor
Pic 2 (2) Derek Wentz: Assistant Fiction Editor
Ef_Deal Ef Deal: Assistant Fiction Editor
brian thies Brian Thies: Webmaster
Steven Coker, Jr. : Art Director
Sarah Craft: Publicist


Read a great story by A&A editor Kate O’Connor here. Congratulations, Kate!

Congrats to 3rd Q Writers of the Future finalists and A&A authors Jennifer Dornan-Fish and Jeremy Szal!

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A&A congratulates Patricia Russo, who wrote our “Rainbows and Other Shapes,”  for the inclusion of her story “The Wild and Hungry Times” ice crystal button

The Best of Abyss & Apex Volume Onein The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy edited by Rich Horton. is available from [Hadley Rille Books][Amazon].  Stories and genre verse by Lisa Mantchev, Ken Scholes, Tim Pratt, Justin Stanchfield, Will McIntosh, Karl Bunker, Rachel Swirsky, Jay Lake, and more.


CONVENTIONS: Abyss & Apex editors attend conventions around the world! If you see us, ask for an Abyss & Apex badge ribbon. Wendy S. Delmater will next attend MystiCon in Roanoke, VA.


REVIEWS: Abyss &Apex is regularly reviewed by  Sfrevu.


LISTINGS Abyss&Apex is an online market listed by Ralan.com  and The Grinder by Diabolical Plots.


AFFILIATIONS Abyss & Apex is a proud member of: The Speculative Literature Foundation and the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Science Fiction Poetry Association  

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Art Director Steven Coker, Jr.