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Wendys Thumbnail 2015 Wendy S. Delmater: Editor in Chief
Magazine Twitter: @Abyss_Apex
Personal Twitter @safewrite
Tonya 2015 cropped sm Tonya Liburd: Senior Editor
Twitter:- @somesillywowzer
Blog:- http://www.Spiderlilly.com
Elizabeth Hull Elizabeth Hull, Flash Fiction Editor (writes as C. N. Lesley)
 John Mannone sketch  John Mannone: Poetry Editor
Wendy Wendy Delmater: Acting Science Fiction Editor
kate oconnor Kate O’Connor: Senior Assistant Fiction Editor
See more at: kateoconnor3.wordpress.com
joanna Joanna Nelius: Senior Assistant Fiction Editor
  Sarah Dix: Fiction Editor
Pic 2 (2) Derek Wentz: Assistant Fiction Editor
Ef_Deal Ef Deal: Assistant Fiction Editor
brian thies Brian Thies: Webmaster
Bonnie Brunish: Art Director
Beverly Bambury: Publicist



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