Editorial: Online this Time

When there have been pandemics in the past that necessitated quarantines — voluntary or otherwise — loneliness and boredom were probably much more of […]

Introduction to Poetry Issue 74

In this issue, there is a significant amount of surrealistic work (some with formalism). As a refresher from the Poetry Foundation. Surrealism is an […]

Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry Issue 73

Introduction to Issue 73 Poetry

First, I want to congratulate the following nominees for the 2019 Best of the Net and Pushcart prizes:

Pushcart […]

Help Wanted

Abyss & Apex had two positions open: Art Director and Publicist

Art Director job FILLED

Welcome, Bonnie Brunish!

Note: we’ve received […]

Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry Issue 72

The last issue of 2019 will not disappoint you, it is filled with the typically awesome group of poets whose work I’ve had the […]

What Makes an A&A Story?

What makes an Abyss & Apex story? It’s an intangible quality, basically a matter of taste, which is why all authors are wise to read […]

Fear and Shadows: The Line Between Horror and Dark Fantasy

Fear and Shadows: The Line Between Horror and Dark Fantasy

Characters deal with horrid things: Lois McMaster Bujold puts Miles Vorkosigan’s brother through hell in her […]

Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry Issue 71

The number of submissions has nearly doubled as well as the number of quality poems received in May. It was difficult to turn away […]

Introduction to Issue 70 Poetry

We are pleased to publish the following great speculative poems that are also possessed with literary depth. Authors are from all over the country. […]

Rejectomancy Revisited

(Editor’s note: This is a reposting, with updated information, about what A&A’s rejection letters mean. Please note that the following haikus are for entertainment […]