Through the Iris

“Through the Iris”

by Tyler Wells Lynch

He’s trying to pull a fast one on us. They always do this. They want you to rethink everything you think you know until you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s methodical, like some kind of Machiavellian wet dream. They think if somehow […]

The Info Coup

‘The Info Coup”

by W. B. J. Williams

The night air was cool as I stepped onto the tarmac. A long dark limousine pulled up, the only noise that of the tires on the pavement. One of the soldiers held up traditional green robes for me, which I eagerly stepped into. The […]

Mothers and Daughters

“Mothers and Daughters”

by Marta Murvosh

My mother struggles against the white padded straps. Tying her to the bed is the only way I can stop her. The only way I can to travel beyond the borders she has drawn for me.

“You know what you must do, Jocelyn.” Her once-cheery voice […]

Eclipsed Seasons

“Eclipsed Seasons”

by Jamie Mason

I left part of myself back in the war.

We have all lost ourselves at one time or another and been forced to crawl into a dark place to find it again. Whether the darkness is of our own making or someone else’s doesn’t matter.

I am […]



by Michaele Jordan

It started with her best friend’s father. Elsa had never liked him—been a little afraid of him, really. He was tall, skinny and practically hairless, with long fingers perfect for strangling small creatures. But she faced him without flinching because of his wonderful antique shop.

The lights were […]



by Elyse Kallen

“Charley.” A lilting, feminine voice calls out from behind me, and it takes every ounce of self-control not to jump or gasp. It’s one of those early autumn days when the sun shines so brightly it hurts and the wind whips everything to and fro, but halfheartedly, without […]

The Red Oleander Murders

The Red Oleander Murders

by Sean Patrick Hazlett

I’ll bet dollars to donuts this guy, whose broken and bloated body was nailed to the redwood tree, had never imagined this is how it’d all end. By the way he was dressed in his fancy navy suit, he was probably some big muckety-muck. […]

A Study in Pink and Gold

“A Study in Pink and Gold”

by Richard Ford Burley

He sits on the roof and takes another bite of bland, convenience store sushi, watching the massive body of a Drifter float by at eye level. He likes to come up here to eat lunch most days. On the rare occasion […]

One Soul, Parchment Thin

One Soul, Parchment Thin

by Calder Hutchinson

Slowly, I fold the paper. A forty-two degree offset from the right side, continuing to a point on the far edge. Satisfied, I press down, make the crease deeper, stronger. I work with more than my usual caution. This is an important work, and mistakes […]

A Missed Diversion

“A Missed Diversion” by R. S. Alexander

Derek Waterstone sat in a darkened isolation pod.  He could have set the wallsplays to give him the feel of being in a panoramic glass room overlooking a city street scene, near the vaulted facility that his rented pod was in or some pleasant natural setting, […]