Tell Me Half a Story

“Tell Me Half A Story” by Jennifer Lee Rossman

“Hey,” I said softly, taking my sister’s hand in mine. “Tell […]

Control State

“Control State”

by Michael Stevens


I don’t mind if the kids blow up my furniture while I’m […]

The Golden Rays of the Morning Sun

“The Golden Rays of the Morning Sun”

by Marc A. Criley

A blue-violet flash. And sparks, streams of […]

Three Hundred and Sixty-Four Hand-Tied Knots

“Three Hundred and Sixty-Four Hand-Tied Knots”

by R. Y. Brockway


Today I tied thirty-seven knots and completed […]

Hellhound, House Broken

“Hellhound, House Broken”

by Gerri Leen


The hellhound was patrolling the neighborhoods he’d come to love, waiting […]

Melton’s Jam

“Melton’s Jam”

by A.W. Marshall

Melton didn’t sell his Jam. And he was kinda touchy about people finding […]

Ransom and the Christmas Tree

“Ransom and the Christmas Tree”

by Robert Runté


“You missed the turn,” Lily said.

“Nope.” Trixie said […]

What Rhythms In Your Body Have Changed?


“What Rhythms In Your Body Have Changed?”

by Sarah Pauling


Excerpt from communication: November 22. Sent […]

To Pieces, Slowly


“To Pieces, Slowly”

by Megan Branning


Keys jingled outside and the front door opened. Benji turned around to […]

Russian Rhapsody

“Russian Rhapsody”

by Forrest Brazeal

If you want to find the zone, you must first relax your arms […]