Crossover Point

“Crossover Point”

by Cheryl Barkauskas

The angels were falling from the sky. They were beautiful at dawn, when out of darkness they fractured the first cold morning sunbeams into millions of tiny rainbows: crystal pinwheels spinning through the air. But as the sun rose, the light shifted […]

Moon Flu

Sara Backer

Moon Flu


Fear first. Fear sharpens the startle

of latches and footsteps behind you.


Hallucinations next. Eyes shut,

neon patterns swirl into maps that confuse

and attack you. Faint robot motors scream.

Spider webs begin to breathe.


Panic follows as your brain cells

warp and swell. You’ll […]

The Argument Box

JD Fox

The Argument Box

My parents were having another one of their arguments, the kind of argument, that only adults understand. So I excused myself from the table,

went to my room and got the box, my last one, and took it into the kitchen and stood on a chair.

I grabbed hold of […]

Hornet’s Sting

The Hornet’s Sting

by Zach Shephard


The black cube hovered silently before him. He brushed it with his fingertips and watched it spin, streaks of yellow light blurring before his eyes like shooting stars sucked into a tornado. Silver and gold figures protruded from the cube in […]

“The Toad’s Jewel” by Cat Rambo

The Toad’s Jewel

by Cat Rambo

The toad knew there was a […]

“Sun, Moon, and Stars” by Abe Drayton

Sun, Moon, and Stars

by Abe Drayton


“Sun, Moon, and Stars.”

Lena wiped rain off her face and skimmed her fingertips over the damp, faded graffiti. She glanced up at the […]

“And the Lion said Shibboleth” by R.P.L. Johnson

And the Lion said Shibboleth

by R.P.L. Johnson

“How can you steal from a species that has no concept of possessions?” I asked. The music […]

Beyond the Wild Mountains

Beyond the Wild Mountains

by Conrad Steenkamp


On the night that the aliens entered Jonno’s life, the men were out […]

“Peaches in the Breeze” by Siobhan Gallagher

Peaches in the Breeze



by Siobhan Gallagher


“If Sappho Studied Egyptology” by Alicia Cole

winnowing grain from chaff,

Anubis tosses three things aside:

weak hearts, souls weighed

down with sorrow, my lover

who has killed me as surely

as she’s stripped the olive tree