The Spider In Her Lungs

“The Spider In Her Lungs”

by Mary E. Lowd

Moira felt a tickle in her throat. She pulled the handkerchief from her pocket and covered her mouth before coughing. It was a hacking cough that wracked her body, deep into her lungs.  She felt the slime of silk on her tongue and […]

1000M Synchronized Diving Finals

“1000M Synchronized Diving Finals”

by Chris Batchelor

They say the walk to the edge is the hardest part. Don’t believe them.

I blunt my fear by immersing in the viz screens printed on my corneas. A dozen camera drones hover to follow our dive, and my viz merges the views into a […]

The White Foal

“The White Foal”

by F. J. Bergmann

At that time, I lived with my grandmother in the Camargue, the marshy delta where the Rhône river widens and opens into the Mediterranean sea. My parents, whom I could almost no longer remember, were dead. They had left no inheritance, but in truth, Grand-mère, […]

The Gifted Sommellier

“The Gifted Sommelier” by Grayson Bray Morris

Into the bowels of our cellar came a knock. We looked up, curious which of death’s hotels would be its source. There, a dozen paces from me: the door to the Divinika. I took the key from the chain around my neck and unlocked […]

Sibling Squabbles

“Sibling Squabbles”

by Gregg Chamberlain

“What have we told you about using magic, young lady?”

Isaac Stern looked down over folded arms at the sullen-eyed face of his eight-year-old daughter, Tabitha. She dropped her gaze first and stared down at her feet, fists clenched at her sides, muttering to herself.

“What was that?” […]

The Roots That Roam

“The Roots that Roam”

by Joy Kennedy-O’Neill


The quickened-oaks smash their roots into the ground. They shatter rock as they move, root-step by root-step, miles a day. I once saw an octopus crawling on land, back when the Houston sea walls fell. Tentacle over tentacle, lumbering.

No, […]

Cold Currents

Cold Currents

by M. E. Garber

Otto froze, one hand splayed on the fire brigade’s new gasoline truck. The woman perched outside the bridge railing leveled him a knowing smile.

His stomach curdled. Not like Anna! He stretched his hand towards the unknown woman.

She jumped. Her long […]

The Finder

“The Finder”

by Yaasha Moriah


Aunt Velma was a finder.

I clearly remember the day when Uncle Edgar pulled his fishing boat ashore, his posture strangely stiff even while attempting nonchalance. He slumped into a lawn chair next to Uncle Don, popped the cap off a bottle […]



by Pauline Yates

You sit opposite me—my replica. You mirror how I looked the day I left my husband at the door of this clinic. Your hair is cropped short. You wear my clothes. Your complexion has changed—it’s rejuvenated—but that’s to be expected after a month of […]

What Does a Time Machine Cost?

“What Does a Time Machine Cost?”

by Elliotte Rusty Harold

A few family photographs and her childhood diary were all Dr. Elizabeth Huang had left from her preteen years. The intervening decades had turned the paper in the diary yellow and faded the ink; but the writing was […]