Sunset Coda

“Sunset Coda”

by Patrick Hurley

Robert looked up from his book and there she stood, her back against the sea, exactly as […]

Lot No. #024: Intergalactic Death Ray

“Lot No. #024: Intergalactic Death Ray”

by Nemma Wollenfang

Today on our roster we have ourselves a gen-u-ine Death Ray, folks. Titanium outer […]

The Spider In Her Lungs

“The Spider In Her Lungs”

by Mary E. Lowd

Moira felt a tickle in her throat. She pulled the handkerchief from […]

1000M Synchronized Diving Finals

“1000M Synchronized Diving Finals”

by Chris Batchelor

They say the walk to the edge is the hardest part. Don’t believe them.

I […]

The White Foal

“The White Foal”

by F. J. Bergmann

At that time, I lived with my grandmother in the Camargue, the marshy delta where […]

The Gifted Sommellier

“The Gifted Sommelier” by Grayson Bray Morris

Into the bowels of our cellar came a knock. We looked up, curious which […]

Sibling Squabbles

“Sibling Squabbles”

by Gregg Chamberlain

“What have we told you about using magic, young lady?”

Isaac Stern looked down over folded arms at […]

The Roots That Roam

“The Roots that Roam”

by Joy Kennedy-O’Neill


The quickened-oaks smash their roots into the ground. They shatter […]

Cold Currents

Cold Currents

by M. E. Garber

Otto froze, one hand splayed on the fire brigade’s new gasoline truck. […]

The Finder

“The Finder”

by Yaasha Moriah


Aunt Velma was a finder.

I clearly remember the day when Uncle […]