First Contact

Ken Poyner

First Contact

Most everyone was expecting Little gray men, two black Shiny hard-plastic-seeming eyes, Two spindly arms, four […]

The Distance

Cat Dixon

The Distance   The rockets, like shooting stars, zip across the sky, and the red glare   will leave its imprint on […]

A Planet’s Complaint

Lauren McBride

A Planet’s Complaint   My land was perfectly dry and barren until contaminating asteroids blasted   into my atmosphere hurling […]


Tiffany Morris   Surfacing   The siren, in silence, scales the blue-wave cathedral to the surface. She bathes in red light on […]


Jacqueline West   Runaway   You come back with your hair a knot to your waist, wild as a nest of vines, […]

After the War

Helga Kidder

After the War

The woman who fled the communists lived next door, knitted for money. Once she ran out of […]

three days on battey street

Silhouettes crowd of hungry zombies and old windmill on hill against dark foggy toned sky. Silhouettes of scary zombies walking at night. Horror […]

Old Playfellow

Noel Sloboda

Old Playfellow

When I answer the door, I am startled to find The Fire King smoldering before me. Decades […]

And It Was Bad

Anne Carly Abad

And It Was Bad

The garden was full of broken things— snakes that spoke in slithering speeches and thickets […]

Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry Issue 75

I imagine being sheltered in place is one reason why nearly 300 poems have been submitted in the month of May 2020 for the 3rd […]