Cold Currents

Cold Currents

by M. E. Garber

Otto froze, one hand splayed on the fire brigade’s new gasoline truck. […]

The Finder

“The Finder”

by Yaasha Moriah


Aunt Velma was a finder.

I clearly remember the day when Uncle […]



by Pauline Yates

You sit opposite me—my replica. You mirror how I looked the day I left […]

What Does a Time Machine Cost?

“What Does a Time Machine Cost?”

by Elliotte Rusty Harold

A few family photographs and her childhood diary […]



by Sherri Cook Woosley


We remember that Myra and her daughter, Little Jessica, were the first […]

Mrs. Peak and the Dragon

“Mrs. Peak and the Dragon”

by Andrew Willett


The woman with the iron-gray hair smoothed her pink-striped […]

Urgent: Lost Bekip

“Urgent: Lost Bekip”

by Nicole Lungerhausen


URGENT: Lost Bekip

Grazint the Round, Sunnyside

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The Witch & the Gods’ War

The Witch & the Gods’ War

by Stephanie Lorée

Rain pattered the window, and Draya looked up from […]

Angel Maker

Angel Maker

by Katherine Toran


A long, thin creak reverberated through the cold twilight air. Alone on […]

Harbor Mist

Harbor Mist

by Michael Nethercott


Come closer. Now, this is something I have never before shared. Not […]