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Moon Flu

Sara Backer   Moon Flu   Fear first. Fear sharpens the startle of latches and footsteps behind you.   Hallucinations next. Eyes shut, neon patterns swirl into maps that confuse and attack you. Faint robot motors scream. Spider webs begin … Continue reading

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The Farmgirl and the Kitsune

“The Farmgirl and the Kitsune” Patrick J. Hurley   In a land far away, where dragon sages watch the stars and turtle gods rule the rivers, there was a girl named Ishiko, the only child of a prosperous farmer. She … Continue reading

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The Galaxy’s Cube

“The Galaxy’s Cube” by Jeremy Szal   It was another sweltering night in New Bangkok, and Jharkrat wasn’t selling anything. The crowds were always here. They strode under lanterns and weaved through sluggish traffic, broad streets slick with blood-warm rain. … Continue reading

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Down by the Riverside

“Down by the Riverside” by Rebecca Birch Mr. and Mrs. Matthews gave me a new mason jar for Christmas. What I really wanted was a dog. My dad had always said that when I was ten he’d get me one, … Continue reading

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1Q 2016 Editorial: Miracles on a Shoestring

A&A once was described as doing miracles on a shoestring. That was nice, if a little misplaced. And no, this is not a plea for money. It’s about you, the writer. Many of you may not be aware of what … Continue reading

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The Argument Box

JD Fox The Argument Box My parents were having another one of their arguments, the kind of argument, that only adults understand. So I excused myself from the table, went to my room and got the box, my last one, … Continue reading

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Hornet’s Sting

The Hornet’s Sting by Zach Shephard   The black cube hovered silently before him. He brushed it with his fingertips and watched it spin, streaks of yellow light blurring before his eyes like shooting stars sucked into a tornado. Silver … Continue reading

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Have You Seen Lucky?

“Have You Seen Lucky?” by Nathaniel Williams Iggy sits next to me, curled in a tight circle, on one of the row of plastic Ikea chairs. The vet’s office smells like lilacs, probably from the spray they use to cover … Continue reading

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Asleep in Zandalar

“Asleep in Zandalar” by Alex Acks “Last batch for today.” Lawrence eyes the battered satchel that has just been dumped on his desk skeptically. It is stained with mud and motor oil; wrinkled paper envelopes that were once white to … Continue reading

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Life As a Starship NAV System

Noel Sloboda Life As a Starship Nav System Left too long in sleep mode, an electrical spike untangles carefully-ruled grids laid over my inherited memories of everyplace I will have been and for one moment I float beyond my metal … Continue reading

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