Marge Simon


She fancies herself a tigress,
grows her nails,  files them sharp,
dyes her brown hair yellow,
defines her face with markings
with her Revlon eye liner.

I have to be careful when
we make love,  avoiding fingers,
cautious not to damage her
body suit,  and that damn tail,
switching,  is always in the way.

Someday she’ll give up on this
facade,  trash her silly costume,
return to her original form,
and show me she is mine
with a multi-tentacled embrace.

Marge Simon free lances as a writer/poet/illustrator for genre and mainstream publications such as Strange HorizonsNitebladeDailySF MagazineThe Pedestal,  and Dreams & Nightmares.  She edits a column for the HWA Newsletter,  “Blood & Spades:  Poets of the Dark Side”  and is the editor of Star*Line,  Digest of the SF Poetry Association.  She won the Strange Horizons Best Poem award,  2011 and the Bram Stoker for Best Poetry Collection with Charlie Jacob,  Vectors:  A Week in the Death of a Planet,  Dark Regions Press,  2008.  In addition to her poetry,  she has published two prose collections:  Christina’s World,  Sam’s Dot Publications,  2008 and Like Birds in the Rain,  Sam’s Dot Publications,  2007.  New poetry collections coming in 2011:  Unearthly Delights (self-illustrated in color),  Sam’s Dot Publications,  The Mad Hattery (illustrated by Sandy DeLuca),  Electrikmilkbath Press.  Visit her at

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