Introduction to Time Travel Theory

Introduction to Time Travel Theory

by Jeannine Hall Gailey

Whether by string or tesseract, we humans interact with time

poorly – always a ghost instance waiting to disintegrate,

a missed opportunity for world peace or saving a parent

behind the scenes. Rips in the continuum, that’s what we’re built for,

to explore our “what if” imaginariums, to wormhole our way

out of problems and ensure the miracle of our own birth,

the end of the war that destroys our planet. Who, what, where – when?

the planet tilts swiftly towards its own dark shadow self,

the universe in which there are no shrimp.

NASA invented and uninvented, Roswell’s mysteries revealed

to be nothing but a future visit from earthlings to bestow

plastic and microwave technology. Flying saucers

nothing but a blurry reflection of our own hope

for an outside influence, for someone in some other future

to reveal the secrets that will spin us back on our proper axis, aliens

wise and benign enough to sleep in secret through their autopsies

while alternate-future-you rides a dragon into a time loop

or carries a samurai sword engraved with an important code

only you will be able to decipher.

can you father the right child, kill the robot sent to doom

the future or program him for good, avoid crushing

that fragile butterfly beneath your inadvertent foot?

who can promise us the unstable and tremulous path to truth,

justice, the American way, an apparatus that allows

a blissful and unknowing populace to, for once, survive?

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