Back In the Saddle


Dear Readers, I am back in the saddle again.

This will be the first edition with the reins firmly back in my hands. Trying to hand-off A&A to a willing editor was a learning experience, and while the switch did not take, the magazine came through last year better for Carmelo’s influence. Taking a year off of the day-to-day running of the mag allowed me to get some needed perspective.

Here, in a nutshell, are the changes.

  • Our submissions process has become more streamlined. This was Carmelo Rafala’s main lingering accomplishment.
  • Our staff has changed. Kate O’Connor has been doing brilliant work on the raw slush. The very talented Tonya Liburd has been invaluable in helping me work on what we call “second opinion” pieces, things that used to languish in our slush pile, waiting for a decision. Our Admin, Christine Matthews, is invaluable: I wonder how we ever managed without her.
  • Our former Poetry Editor Stephen M. Wilson (God rest his soul) left us with a legacy of a year’s worth of poems, chosen and paid for. Those are now used up.  Our new Poetry Editor John Mannone is solely responsible for the poetry in this edition, and going forward.
  • We consider the subscriptions to reach the archives or comment a failed experiment. Those archives will become public. Subscriptions will become more of a tip jar.
  • We’re negotiating with a business manager. I will have details on that in the coming months.

We sincerely hope you like the fiction and poetry and book reviews. We’ve assembled the best that has crossed our desk from all over  the English-speaking world. Enjoy!

 Wendy S. Delmater

Abyss & Apex

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