3Q 2014 Small Press Book Reviews

Exodus 2022

by Kenneth G. Bennett

Wow. As appalling and wide in its scope as Blood Music, new writer Kenneth G. Bennett spins a tale of mercenaries and ecology, life and death, love and sacrifice, fate and karma. You’ll be listening to the music of the spheres for days after reading it.

The young vicar of an Episcopal church near Seattle becomes the focal point of, if not inter-universal intrigue, then certainly interspecies survival. Kirkus calls Bennett “Dean Koontz’ heir”; I’d go further and say he is Kurt Vonnegut’s younger and less depressing sibling. I quite literally could not put this down. There is not a wasted word in this tense thriller. It’s the reincarnation of Michael Crichton with an occasional side of Tom Clancy at his best – with aliens so close to home that you don’t recognize them out of sheer familiarity. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Normally I offer copies of books I’ve reviewed to subscribers as a thank you. But you can’t have this one. Buy your own copy. It’s mine.


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  1. Christina Boyd says:

    I agree– Exodus 2022 stayed with me long after the last page. Great review!

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