by Corey Klinzing
I am horrified of these two hands
and the mechanism that beats under
my sternum. I wished for empathy.
It is true what they say: be careful.
This is a terrible compassion, it wants
me to break everything before beginning,
to run from the collapse of possibilities.
There is no such thing as anesthesia,
only the slow shutdown of faculties,
the scream of shadows. Solidified reality
of rending an entire universe apart.
I must hope that there is energy
to be taken from an end, motivation
in absence, and beauty in dissolution.


Corey Klinzing’s poetry has been published in Furrow and in the Pandora’s Box Anthology by Southport Press as well as on the Shepherd Express Poetry Blog. She is currently an MFA candidate at Columbia College Chicago, where she is hard at work on her first novel.


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