The Worker Prince

Worker Prince cover

The Worker Prince (WordFire Press)
by Brian Thomas Schmidt

It’s a rare treat to find a book I unabashedly recommend to any parent, elementary school library or middle school librarian. This book has everything a young person could want in the way of great male and female characters they can identify with of various races, plus, action, adventure, intrigue, mystery, and even a little romance. Space ships and battles and great world building? Check. It has s a great plot, too, and does not insult a young person’s intelligence with childish concepts. And wonder of wonders, it does not stray over the line and contain potentially objectionable topics. The writing is a very little on-the-nose at times, but that’s part and parcel with aiming for this demographic

It seems the inspiration for The Worker Prince was to write a sort of space opera version of the story of a young biblical Moses. Schmidt came up with a tale that stands apart, on its own two feet. I predict fan art of the space-capable fighters and the battles. I can even see a movie made of this, and tie-in action figures. Yes, it’s that good..

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