The Seer’s Choice

Seers Choice cover

The Seer’s Choice

by  J Kathleen Cheney

The 1800s Portugal setting of Cheney’s novella “Of Ambergris, Blood and Brandy” in Abyss & Apex was expanded by J. Kathleen Cheney into three novels  set in that magical world: her Tales of the Golden City series, available from Roc. The Seer’s Choice is a book set in that world which is great as a standalone novella.  This is a very satisfying  paranormal mystery/romance. For many it will be a gateway drug into reading Cheney’s work, and those readers will be placing her on their shelves alongside  Patricia Briggs and Ilona Andrews.

The protagonist, Genoveva Jardim, is a young woman from the Portuguese aristocracy who turns her back on her demanding and destructive family and makes a life for herself as a Special Police member. How special? She and another female officer are healers who can also kill with their hands if they are not careful. One of the officers is a person who can tell if others are lying. And the captain of the local force is a seer, who can to some extent tell the near future. She does not know this, but he’s “seen” that she will someday be his wife.

Or she will be, if she lives through an increasingly dangerous series of magical attacks. Who is attacking her? And why? I’ll not tell you any more so you can find out for yourself. It’s a delight.

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