A&A Reviews: Rites of Passage, a DMA Casefile

rites of passage cover

Rites Of Passage: a DMA Casefile of Agent Karver and Detective Bianca Jones

by Patrick Thomas and  John L. French

This is a collaborative novel by the author of the DMA Casefiles (like the FBI, but it stands for the Department of Mystical Affairs) and the popular Bianca Jones paranormal crime novels.

Ms. Jones is a  tough-as-nails, kick-ass female cop and fans of the Kate Daniels series as well as those who love crime fiction will love all of her stories. Here, she is sent for special training with the DMA and suspects one of the trainees of crimes.

Agent Carver is a person who managed to get rid of a demon that turned him into a serial killer where he could not stop it but had to experience all of what the demon did in his body:  he’s trying not to suicide and live with the memories by becoming someone who now stops such monsters. Rites of Passage is a good introduction into both the DMA casefiles series and the Bianca Jones novels, as it’s a prequel, and both series are excellent. I’ve read another collaboration by these two authors so I had high expectations. I was not disappointed.

Try the novel, and you just might get addicted to two more series that will give you hours of tightly-plotted, great character fiction.

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