Trading Disguise

2 Sara Cordova

Sara Cordova

Trading Disguise


We switch places at the edge of town.

The guy gives me his hat and his boots,

and I tell him how to find his way back into the woods,

to the stream and the rock that I like to sleep on,

and where all the best she-bears have been lately.

And is he good at catching deer?

He hasn’t caught deer before, he says.

But yeah, sure—how hard could it be?

I tell him the trick is to surprise them:

thunder from the bushes, boom—one big smack.


I get into his slick car and roll it into town,

to his condo behind its tall gates,

to his home where his kids are mine;

his wife Charlotte is my wife now.

She is honeysweet on the lips

and if what I am is obvious to her

once I take my hat and boots off,

she doesn’t say.



Sara Cordova lives in New Mexico, where she works as a marketing specialist and consultant. This is her first publication.



Editor’s Notes: A creative piece of black humor, this first person narrative from the perspective of the bear was captured symbolically in the accompanying artwork— overlaid images of a man’s silhouette in “spirit bear”: Does the white man know who is right if the Indian says his great grandfather was a bear, and the white man says his great grandfather was a monkey? (Chief Flying Hawk)

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