Introduction to Issue 61 Poetry

Holiday greetings to all and a wish for a Happy New Year!

In the spirit of the season, the slate of poems opens with my donated contribution, “Ursa Major” by John C. Mannone (Niota, TN), a subverted sonnet, which was a fun to write. Hopefully it will provide enjoyment on several levels.

I find it fitting to begin the New Year with a seasonal sentiment—four very different love poems: “The Volume of the Universe” by Jennifer Crow (Orchard Park, NY), “Kissing the Invisible Man” by Todd Dillard (Philadelphia, PA), “Maintenance Call” by Ken Poyner (Virginia Beach, VA), “Ask for Rabbit” by Katharyn Howd Machan (Ithaca, NY). And the series closes with two unusual pieces, “Straw Man” by Yilin Wang (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and “Deer Headed Kings’ by Tanner S. Abernathy (Bellingham, WA).

Comments about the image are after the authors’ bios.

Please enjoy!

John C. Mannone

Poetry Editor


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