Hybrid Identities






Tamara L. Panici


Hybrid Identities

Together we are smoke and steam.
I am the curling wisps above, and you

the graying flood of color-
less color below.

We tear holes in the atmosphere,
dig our homes in the orbs
of mother earth’s pupil.

We twirl together for centuries
crossing galaxies and eating stars.

It’s been this way for so long.
I can’t remember where you end
or where I begin.


Tamara L. Panici is an on-and-off personal trainer with a passion for the unknown. She is constantly scribbling in cheap notebooks and scraps of food wrappers. When she isn’t writing, she is mixing together food ingredients that “don’t marry well.” She has short fiction forthcoming in Fjords Review and Flash Fiction Magazine.


Editor’s Note: Perhaps a love poem, too, but this poem far more symbolic than that and does suggest something about the stewardship of the Earth. The ethereal nature of the poem could have been captured by combining an image curling smoke and that of a globular star cluster, but a simple black and white rendition of the Veil Nebula seems to capture it best.

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