by Joseph MacKinnon (Guy Faux Books)

I was not the target audience for this book.

The main character of CYPLUCHRE, Dr. Paul Sheffield, is the quintessential mad scientist. Never mind that his madness has perfectly good reasons. He’s living in an altered state of consciousness. A descent into madness done well, or a dream-state or drug-induced state done well can be entertaining. Or a short introduction to a villain or person in peril in one of those states can set a mystery that pulls you into a story. But a lengthy opening in the point of view of such a person can be tiring. That such a character’s POV was in present tense made it even harder for me to identify with such a warped person. I found the protagonist impossible to identify with.

I kept trying to read this book but could not get past the first off-putting chapters. It has great reviews on Amazon. Obviously, these people like a different sort of story than I do.


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