Alison Mcbain




sitting in the window,

she watches sun storms—

bluebottles suiciding valiantly

against their reflections


that night,

she sups from acorn caps

holds a grain of corn in two hands

gets drunk from a thimble


when put in a pocket

she fears the idle hand

the abyss of a dog’s mouth

a fall to the ground


in mother’s palm,

she contemplates omissions—

a misplacement of giants

a world forbidden




Alison McBain lives in Connecticut with her husband and three daughters. She has over forty publications in magazines and anthologies, including Flash Fiction Online, Abyss & Apex and Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine. You can read her blog at or chat with her on Twitter @AlisonMcBain.


Editor’s Note: The image is from LOT 35, Menzies Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers:

Childhood By The Sea, Popping Blue Bottles by John Olsen 2010, oil on linen.

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