spatial arrangement

David F. Shultz

spatial arrangement
shadow of grass
solar photon’s terminus
one AU

broiling rock field
darkens to frozen wasteland
annual sunset

the morning star
the evening star
yellow fog on venus*

whole galaxies
pouring through glass

on cratered surface
signs of interstellar life—
stumbling in dust

the sound
dry wind scraping red rocks
ancient riverbed

oort cloud krill
black ocean filter feeder
brown whale

rock belt
grav it y   cryst alliz at ion—
glitter ring

crème glacée
two-hundred below freezing
scoop of icegiant

blue wind
sound of wind the speed of sound
methane hurricane

plt   o

the abounding sound
ancient civilizations—

David F. Shultz writes from Toronto, ON, where he also works as a teacher. His work is featured or forthcoming in publications such as Star*Line, Dreams and Nightmares, Poetry Quarterly, The Haiku Journal, Three Line Poetry, The Lovecraft eZine, Polar Borealis, and The Literary Hatchet, among others. Author webpage:

Author’s Note: Each poem represents notable objects in our solar system, beginning at the sun and moving outwards through all the planets (also including the moon, pluto, “planet x”, and beyond).

Editor’s Notes: NASA is exploring our solar system and beyond to understand the workings of the universe, while searching for water and life among the stars. Image credit for Oceanworlds: NASA (

* This piece was previously published in Grievous Angel

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